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We had a busy week with family and friends and have begun to talk more about planning our return to the UK over the next 2-3 years. Mixed feelings after I refused the opportunity to return to South Africa because the contract was not what Peter wanted, but it gave me more opportunity to travel there in the next few years until we move and who knows what will happen next.

One of our plans is for me to do some short-term contract work, buy a camper and travel around Europe, but until the Brexit stuff calms down, we have no idea how that will work. We are constantly changing our plans, now 2 of the children are married and we have 1 grandchild. Things could change for us anyway, so any planning is just that.

I'm definitely happier when I'm in the UK because I have friends and family close by and a lot of traveling. The reality, however, is that we admit that we are still a bit new to living so far away and things will be very different when we return, especially since we are not going to live in this area.

279 Sunday Lunch in the pub with a few friends, the twos and the fifth child on Peter's birthday. Peter brought Child 5 back to the Cotswolds and the 2 came back to the apartment for some grandmother / granddaughter hours. We watched TV and stuffed our faces with snacks.

280 Monday harvest festival for the things. I slipped late in the back of the church. He bought at random, finished picture frames of the wedding and our granddaughter, went for a walk in the late afternoon and had a pub break. Peter spent the day working. E-mails and phone calls and installation of a heated towel rail.

In Dubai, we have a lot of space and do no home improvement. The weather is also perfect for drying clothes. We landed with sheets and towels in the laundromat and stumbled over each other when Peter needed space to work. Today, we thought about what type of house we would like when we returned to the UK.

281 Tuesday Meeting with the nursing home of Kind 1 to solve some problems such as staff turnover. Then an appointment with HSBC in Gloucester, as a premier customer in the UK, Dubai and offshore. We actually expected better treatment than we get from them. If we ask to make an appointment when we are in the UK, we should be able to. We continue to be fobbed off with expensive phone calls stating that every problem is the responsibility of the other side. Visited Child 1 in the afternoon for a walk, tea and cake.

Kind 2 has been my stepson since 2000, but we see ourselves as a family with 7 children. He and 2a had a little girl 3 weeks ago. We do not have any baby photos of him or any little outfits etc that we could pass on to his kids. The best I could do was pass this outfit modeled by child 3 in 1992 and a small blanket that an aunt had knitted.

Head to Bath Wednesday morning to visit MIL, then to St. Albans to stay with Chrissie @ mediocre_mum, my Twitter crime affiliate in 2009. Peter treated me with a pair of Doc Martins.

Thursday Trapped by train to London as a tourist, must-visit and Harrods of course, nice pub lunch, plenty of walking and visited Trafalgar Square to witness the Extinction Rebellion. It was very quiet and peaceful, although we have experienced many arrests.

Friday Coffee and a stroll through St Albans then collected 4 and 4a from Heathrow after their honeymoon. After dropping them off at my mother's, they showered and changed their clothes and we met them for dinner at the local pub.

285 Saturday Off to the 2 & # 39; s so they meet their niece, apart from child 1 (which needs a lot of planning), they've all met 2b now. Fell 4 and 4a in Birmingham for their flight to Belfast and home.

Photo follows.

Nothing again on the blog this week.

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