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Last week we did our annual pumpkin patch outing. We always love the Tanaka farms in Irvine and went just before sunset when the place was almost empty. Last year, Otis was so tiny and the journey was more for us. Looking back on these photos, I'm just melting over his little legs touching those pumpkins! Since Otis is going for a walk this year, we knew he would have a lot of fun. We tried to get his picture next to the altitude sign, but you see he was GONE and sprinted over the cornfield instead of standing still. He is a little man on the move. It was also the first day he carried his big vans and it was so cute to see him stomp through the dirt. I feel like the pumpkin patch with kids is always filled with a lot of laughter. He ran through the vines and fell because his little feet would catch and because it was uneven, but he did not care. He drove on. He just wanted to explore. Of course we packed him for photos and he did not want any part of it. Was arguing like a mini-alligator. But we just went with the stream and explored with it. We also had to do a tractor ride that was fun! As you can see, our time in the pumpkin patch ended in a small breakdown. It was the sign that it was time to go home and have dinner. I have to remember these little moments of real parenting. It is a bit chaotic at times, but ALWAYS worth the family memories. Otis had to pick his own little pumpkin and I brought home the one we found in the pumpkin patch. He looks at her every day and shows. This trip to the pumpkin patch always starts with the fall and inspires our whole family for the holidays. We came home and Blake made Christmas music and I had to do a double pack. I asked him, "Is that Christmas music?" And he said, "Yeah, I'm on vacation now." MELT ME ON THE GROUND MY HUSBAND IS MY HERO I hope you enjoy these little moments from our family and that you enjoy them with your own Tips on how to prepare your family photos with the pumpkin patch. Read below.



Of course you can wear twinning outfits, but in reality we do not always find twinning options, especially for mom and baby boys! Such a crap, but that does not mean you can not match. What I did that day was directed to H & M to see what I could find because I did not have anything to wear for Otis. I wanted him to fall and found this button and immediately grabbed it. So you pick one main piece and then match the looks of everyone else. Since Otis wore a warm brown plaid print, I've been careful to capture the warm tones with my yellow top and keep Blake's T-shirt neutral so it fits ours. Since Otis wore gray jeans, Blake and I also wore gray jeans. It actually looks better when the colors vary and you then get that magical ombre and that magical color mood that work together in a magical way. So they are not perfectly matched and share a color family.


This may be a breeze, but you'll never know how long you'll be on the pumpkin patch to eat a snack or milk (regardless of your baby's / toddler's mood) when you need to take a break from the pumpkins. This will make them happy and ready to accept the photo requests of mom and dad.


I know it's not always possible with parents' work schedules, but if you can get out an hour early, it can be one of the least crowded times when you're at the end of the day in the week. We were close to closing on a weekday and it was virtually empty. We were literally the last people to leave the farm. The last people. It made orchestrating photos easy and we could explore without a lot of crowds. If you have no other choice and need to drive at the weekend, drive EARLY. When they open! Try to defeat the crowd.


I think this is pretty obvious, but it's easy to get a few family pictures and lose sight of the fact that you're literally walking through vineyards. Wear boots or sneakers as it is often dusty and dirty as you walk through dirty areas and you never know if it might be wet and soggy where you live. We all wore sneakers to track Otis.


We've asked our photographer and friend to take our family photos, because it makes life so easy when they can follow us and snatch us away and we do not have to worry about it. I know that this is not a luxury for everyone. In order to! Schedule a squash-ready date with your family or friends. This is a great way to get a person to take some photos of your family. Grab MUCH, because it's always easier to clear the bad ones than to worry about not grabbing enough.


Let's face it, even the kid with the most angels has his moments. A trip to the pumpkin patch can be an overwhelming experience for some and not a big deal for others. And even most children have their moments when you try to get them to stand for a photograph (hello, Otis raises his hand for this photo!). Just go with the flow and laugh as you go crazy Great parents for shared adventures and memories. Even if the only photo you have is one of your kids screaming for the patch, you know what, put that into your photo album and name it a day.

Hope you all have the best time this fall! We are on the way to a new pumpkin field this weekend that we have never seen before! I can not wait to call again.

Otis: top: h & m kids / Jeans: h & m kids / Shoes: delivery trucks
Kim: above: Hm / Jeans: JBrand / Shoes: delivery trucks
Blake: top: Hm / Jeans: levis / Shoes: delivery trucks

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