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Hi, I'm Fiona. I am very happy to work with Julia on The Joy of Business.

I have great respect for Julia's work and I am pleased to be part of this growing team. Behind the scenes, I know that The Joy of Business will be doing some great things next year.

I'm especially looking forward to seeing the new cohort enter the doors of Remarkable Business. I know how much work has been done behind the scenes to prepare everything. But I am very happy that these companies are growing because of the good work they will do with Julia.

That's a bit of a dream job. I can write and edit texts, set things up on the back of WordPress, and immerse myself in email campaigns. And I can penetrate the heads of you, Juliet's readers.

Learning at the workplace

That's not all. I have the pleasure of learning every day in the workplace. Not just this new learning curve or the tone needed to work on texts, but also learning new skills. This is actively promoted at Joy of Business, as it is good for the business in many ways.

In my final year of study, I participated in the lottery for the first and only time in my life. Not because I wanted to win big. But I was living in London at that time and a lottery win seemed to be the only way to afford my own place. It still works, so I do not live in London anymore. (Worcester, if you ask).

I started taking part in the lottery because I did not want to stop learning. I had just completed a journalism degree and wanted to go abroad to do an internship, build my portfolio and get my foot in the door. Only I wanted to continue to learn new skills instead.

It turned out that I did not have to win the lottery, but had to constantly update my skills by learning from my fellow human beings. Use the experience of others and apply it to what I do.

Now I can use the skills I have developed over the years in writing for the online world. I can use my experience in marketing and all the time I spent delving into WordPress. I also bring a bit of this DIY ethic I've learned through years of independent music work. You can think of me as the punk content manager.

Get on the way to your business

And I'm curious to see how Joy of Business fits it all together. I'm curious by nature and ask questions. I can see how these great content help businesses across the UK and beyond. And there are some really interesting shops out there. People do brilliant things and make money from them.

I can really help Julia to make more money while having fun.

I'm honest, the idea of ​​making a lot of money never really got on my nerves. The idea that you should do a job with the goal of getting rich is fine for some, but not for me.

My goal has always been that work does not feel like work.

It could be my education in the working class where you worked to live instead of living to work.

But I can really get involved with Julia's way of thinking and what she teaches these companies. Running your own business does not have to take over your life and it should be something that you enjoy. If you value what you do, others will.


As a content manager for Joy of Business, I expect to be challenged to stretch and enjoy my work. Just as you should when you run your own business.

And while I was studying Joy of Business, I looked through some great posts. As a newcomer to the business, I wanted to share what I think are the top five posts (as there are many more good things to come).

If you are new to Joy of Business, this may be a good place to start.

My Top 5 Posts so far:

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