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We all have the saying, "There is nothing to fear but fear for yourself," unless we ask ourselves if the same people ever tried to run their own bookkeeping. As small business owners and founding mothers, nothing bothers us more than the prospect of keeping books in time, especially because it's so time-consuming. "I'll do it later" becomes your accounting mantra, because it's always time, right?

As the months pass, your panic rises. You could have these receipts, but where? The back of the car? Under the sofa cushions? Did you even save her? At home, do a million other things: drive your kids to endless exercises and think about what to do tonight for dinner while you think about how to follow your new example. Before you know it, it's time to pay taxes, and you're stacking up with paperwork, missed or duplicate entries, and a dreadful categorization system. At about this time, you promise yourself that the next year will be different.

Bench does the bookkeeping for you.

Thanks to the people at Bench it can be. Bench is the online accounting service for small business owners. They provide you with a team of accountants to handle your books for you, as well as simple, elegant software that helps you track your finances.

Before you moan at the thought of learning yet Another Software platform, this is pretty easy to follow. Receive visual reports that give you instant visibility into your company's financial situation (do not be afraid in the middle of the night!). If you ever have a question or concern, you have direct access to your accountant for assistance and clarification. In addition, Bench's messaging feature gives you unrestricted access and full support. Here you can see the latest updates from your accountant. If you like talking on the phone, you can always book a call via the platform.

Consider your financial dashboard

From your financial dashboard, you can view all your transactions, accounts, and financial trends in one place. No endless clicking. They really make it easy. All you need to do is connect to your accounts and get an instant overview of your financial institution's account balances.

If you're thinking about cash flow (and what a small business is not?), Bench lets you easily see where your money is going and what your weekly net income is.

Check your books

But if it's the tax time that really bothers you, Bench has got you there too. Click on "Accounting Status". The status bar shows what your accountant is currently working on and links to reports from the past months, including year-end financial packages that contain important financial information you need to submit taxes.

Once your books are done, you can view reports, including a profit and loss account, a profit and loss account, and a balance sheet. This happens every month so you can keep track of your finances with less stress.

Easy uploading

Bench eliminates paper stacks and receipts. You can easily upload documents or receipts that your accountant can check and track.

You wonder how safe all this data is? Bank users enjoy bank security, which means that your data is protected by encrypted 256-bit memory.

Advantages of Bench

If you're tired of the stress and worries associated with accounting – you need to shut up and eventually run a business – Bench can do it for you. With Bench you get:

  • Peace of mind – your books are punctual and ready to go every month
  • Your time back – entrepreneurs who use Bench save an average of more than 8 hours a month
  • Less administrative effort – no do-it-yourself bookkeeping or paperwork anymore
  • No difficult software to learn – your bank accountant will do your books for you

Scrub accounting forever from your to-do list. Would you like to start with Bench now? Sign up for a free trial and get 20% off your first six months of accounting.

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