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When will Jamb begin to grant access to those who wrote Jamb 2019/2020?? Every university aspirant would ask such a question. Click here to check your admission status in Jamb Caps, or read on to learn more about the 2019 admission date.

The licensing process for Jamb has already begun, The Joint Admissions and Enrollment Authority has announced the 2019 UTME exam and the results are fully published. This was the first step in the admission process for Jamb 2019. Now the admission lists have entered the Jamb Caps portal.


The truth is that the most desperate candidates to be accepted this year always ask When will the post start with admission? 2019/2020, What is the cut off post mark? When will schools (universities) give their admission?

This website is intended to provide you with updated information about admission and a guide to obtaining admission. Please continue reading this site for more information.

The Joint Admissions and Enrollment Authority (JAMB) has initiated its various authorization procedures. First, they did the UTME exam 2019 and published all the results. Now some schools (tertiary institutions) have begun to perform POST-UTME exams.

As I said earlier, Jamb have started their various authorization procedures.

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Uniport admission list

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Uniport admission list

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First step: Selling the Jamb Registration Form – Before a candidate can take the Jamb-UTME exam, he / she will purchase the Jamb form and register.

Second step: Conducting the UTME exam.

Third step: Release of Jamb Result – Jamb has already released all UTME exam results for 2019.

Fourth step: Schools performing POST-UTME exams.

This fourth step is very important for the admission process, as after the post is cut, the next one is after truncation to UTME. In this case, it is because a candidate who scores 300 points in the Jamb-UTME exam and has not been admitted has achieved only a few points in the post-UTME exam. Therefore, I advise the candidate to prepare well and achieve good results after UTME.

Fifth step: Release of the admission list.

This is the final step in the post admission process, with schools and posts publishing their various admission lists.

So these are the steps the post will go through before we know when the post will start to be approved. However, the first to third step is completed, the fourth to fifth remains.


With the above, we know that the publication of the Jamb admission list will start at any time from August. Their first list this year is what the earnings list is, and other lists will follow until next year.

The admission process for Jamb follows the following pattern:

  1. First, release of the Jamb results for 2019 (Checked)
  2. JAMB sends results / scores for Post UTME to various institutions (Tested)
  3. General and departmental cut marks are decided. (Tested)
  4. Upload the expected results to the post portal (Tested)
  5. Post-Utter exam or Admissions Examination applies. (Checked for most schools)
  6. Various institutions send a list of successful candidates to Jamb via the Jamb Caps portal. (Currently under construction)
  7. Jamb and Schools give free admission Lists for candidates for review.(Currently in progress)
  8. Original result document and Jamb admission letterpress.

From the admission process mentioned above I will try to answer number 7 – Jamb and Schools give free admission Lists for candidates for review.

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When do JAMB and schools start their admission 2019/2020?

After uploading JAMB SSCE O'Level (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB) Results on JAMB Portal and Port has written your post UTME examThe next thing that comes to my mind is "When will JAMB release the 2019 admission list for the student to begin reviewing JAMB CAPS?", (You still do not know how to upload your O-Level result to the JAMB portal.) Click here now for guidelines)

When will POST and Schools start publication Approval names on JAMB Caps ?: With the publication of the admission list for schools is expected on or before the October, Although it is known that some schools take much longer, like the Imo State University, and some are approved before that period (eg FUTO and OOU).

Jamb will be releasing all of their Jamb Caps admission list this year. Everything you need to know about the JAMB CAPS admission process HERE,

After admission of the admission list, what's next?

Registered students must log into their Jamb Caps profile and either accept or decline the admission offered by Jamb. If you accept the admission, your admissions window will be closed for that session, which means that you will no longer be accepted by another school.

If you refuse your admission, this means that you are not interested in the admission you are offered. Therefore, they will be placed on the Jamb marketplace. I explained everything to you Post Marketplace,


If your school has completed this screening exercise, only the publication of its admission list remains. When the admission list is published, you will need to review your Jamb portal and accept or decline your admission before the deadlineExpect all this from September / October.

The universities will now make use of the agreement that the NUC had with the Vice Chancellors in 2004 when they introduced Post-UTME, which was to review the candidates for oral questioning and written essay.

Admission Guide for all tertiary aspirants

Students applying for admission may have received a lifeline under a set of new guidelines from the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

According to The Nation, on Monday, July 4, the board said the new guidelines for the admission process were posted on its website following consultations with universities and other colleges in the country.

The new admission procedure would work for candidates who have written the examination and the direct admission, the committee declaring that the universities would charge screening fees from the candidates at the end of the admission procedure.

The Chamber stated: "Before a candidate for screening can be considered, he / she must have been provisionally admitted by the JAMB. The JAMB portal for Admissions Examiners will open shortly for this process. So praying is all you can do now. "

JAMB further stated that the scoring system, in which admission would depend on the scores of the candidate, means: "The provisional admission of JAMB is no longer meaningful this year. Your score determines your beliefs.

"The points are evenly distributed across your O-level and JAMB scores to create a level playing field for all.

"In the first case, every candidate who submits only one result that contains his relevant topics has already scored 10 points. The exam could be NECO, WAEC, GCE, etc., but each candidate who has two sessions receives only two points. This means that aspirants with only one result are at an advantage, but only just. "

Candidates also have greater chance of admission with better grades in their O-Levels: A-6, B-4, C-3.

In addition, the UTME results (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) also have an impact on the admission process.

180 – 200 (or 20 – 23 points), 200 – 250 (or 24 – 33 points), 251 – 300 (or 34 – 43), 300 – 400 (or 44 – 60 points) and five JAMB results per point added ,

The Admissions Office also announced that a candidate with 180-185 points received 20 points and a candidate with 186-190 points 21 points and that the points system will be released for direct entry shortly, as soon as charges are still incurred for the screening replaces the entry UTME.

How the admission of JAMB is carried out

If the proposed admission modality for JAMB is to be accepted for admission screening 2018, the procedure is as follows.

  1. JAMB must offer admission to a candidate before that candidate is qualified for screening at the institution where he or she has been provisionally admitted. This means that institutions can only examine candidates who have been sent to them by the JAMB as provisionally admitted to such an institution.
  2. The admission test procedures for institutions are now based on the points system. The first on the scoring system is the O-level rating. Candidates with only one O-level result have a better chance of being admitted as candidates with two results. A result with 0 levels = 10 points / points, while two results with 0 levels = 3 points / points.

Similarly, each note now receives its corresponding points / notes. A = 6 points, B = 4 points, C = 3 points, which means that having better grades in your O-level result will give you a better chance of getting admission.

The next point to consider in the points system is your UTME score. Candidates receive grades / points based on their 180-200 = 20-23 grades, 200-250 = 24-33 points, 251-300 = 34-43, 300-400 = 44-60 points. The higher your score, the higher your chances of getting the admission.

This means that what we used to call Institute Stops is now called Institute Stops, which will be achieved after considering all of the above.

  1. The provisional admission of JAMB is now a means to an end and not an end in itself. This means that the JAMB can offer preliminary admission to a candidate. This candidate will continue to be denied admission by his institution as he or she falls below the threshold for his / her course at that institution.

For example, if you have received a UTME value of 260, JAMB may grant you preliminary admission to the MBBS degree program in UNIBEN. If the threshold of your drug facility is 95 points and you fall below this number of points after screening, you will probably be denied entry.

  1. The authorization process will continue to take into account factors such as the catchment area and Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS) when determining the number of candidates admitted. The earned entrance fee is 45%, the catchment area 35% and the ELDS 20%.

The problem of the relationship between science and art will continue to exist. For the universities, the ratio of science to art will be 60:40, for colleges 70:30. However, for specialized institutions (technology, science, agriculture, etc.) it will be 100% related to their specialty. 90% of the admission goes to UTME candidates, 10% to direct entry candidates.

  1. Schools are still free to charge a certain fee for screening candidates. However, the Board has not determined how many institutions should ask for it.

To check if you are eligible for 2019/2020 admission

Thus, the admission screening 2019/2020 is calculated;

Step 1 – Number of sessions for O'Level
1) One session = 10 points
2) Two sessions = 3 points
Achievable total score = 10 points

Step 2 – O'Level Score Review from 5 subjects
A (A1) = 6 points
B (B2, B3) = 4 marks
C (C4, C5, C6) = 3 marks
Achievable total score = 30 points

Step 3 – JAMB UTME score scores
Check the picture below for your rating
Achievable total score = 60 points

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