We celebrate the 35th anniversary of the FVPSA on the hotline Domesic Violence

It is autumn, the leaves change color and we feel
Nostalgic at the National Domestic Violence Hotline (The Hotline). We just
We answered our five millionth contact earlier this year, and this number is a
bittersweet reminder of how common domestic violence is, we are grateful for that
be able to provide the survivors and their families with resources and support
every single day.

You can not know this, but 35 years ago, violence in the family
Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA) adopted and implemented, to create what
is now the federal's main source of funding for programs against domestic violence
the country. These programs offer shelters, accommodations and more
Support services for survivors and their children.

Thousands of programs funded by the FVPSA will do this
has a significant impact on meeting the critical needs of survivors
Seek a better future. FVPSA also supports our work on The Hotline and allows us
to respond to the call to support people who have been afflicted by relationship abuse for almost 25 years
Years. We look forward to the New Year and all the challenges and
We wanted to take some time to pause and think
the last 35 years of FVPSA and everything it has done to improve the experience
Survivors who contact the hotline for assistance, resources, and help
Navigate through the often complicated systems to be sure
persistent abuse.

While the FVPSA first passed in 1984, the hotline did not do so
There is actually much later. The adoption of the law against violence against women
(VAWA) in 1994 led to the creation of the hotline and for the first time
ever, survivors from all over the country could call our confidential, free,
National hotline to receive support and resources for the abuse they have experienced.
The incredible effect of it has never been lost to us, and we never think it possible
This was granted 24 years ago when I called a free, confidential hotline for help
was not an option for many survivors.

Today we not only answer calls from survivors and
their loved ones, but can also through digital chat and
Text. In addition, we have launched a prevention program Love is respectand helped young people
Understand the dynamics of healthy relationships and identify which dating
violence looks like resources and language that are tasty for them.

Every year, we recorded steady growth in contact volume
About 10%, which more people probably learn about our services credited
and feel confident to get support. In 2018 we experienced our highest
Contacts we've ever received in our story, with 573,670 contacts – an increase of 39%
from the previous year. Most people who turn to us identify themselves as female,
87% of our contact volume.

We have noticed a significant increase in chat usage
services since it was available in 2013, and in 2018 we experienced the
The biggest growth in our history, in which we offered digital chat with an increase of 147%
compared to the previous year. And in an effort to identify them precisely
Apply to us. We updated our collection of gender data in 2015 and added contacts
who identify themselves as non-binary, trans female, trans male and others. individuals
This non-binary report has grown over 220% in the past
Year identified with similar trends for people like trans male and trans female.

Answering our five millionth call reminded us that the
quitting domestic violence is not done long ago, but we are confident that you can
Day, we will have a world in which all relationships are positive, healthy and free
from violence. And although this end may not be imminent, we know it
that we will be able to if survivors reach each day,
because of the incredible support of FVPSA. Happy 35th FVPSA!

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