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Cooking is an essential skill that our children will apply throughout their lives. Fortunately, it is also easy to teach. No lesson plans or complicated syllabi are required. Just bring your kids to the kitchen and prepare meals together. Younger children are usually helpful and can perform simple tasks such as washing vegetables or mixing ingredients. As they get older, they continue to peel potatoes and crack eggs. Later, they can start cutting vegetables and preparing simple dishes such as grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs. Increase your responsibility and freedom in the kitchen with increasing capabilities. Soon you will be able to prepare your own recipes!

Here are some free resources that your family can use to cook together and increase your children's interest in cooking. There are downloadable cookbooks, YouTube channels and much more.

Downloadable cookbooks

Betty Crocker's cookbook for boys and girls – A vintage children's cookbook from the year 1957.

Family-friendly recipes: Children in the kitchen – Age-appropriate recipes for younger children.

Keiki can cook! – Funny and healthy recipes for children. Published by WIC

Kids a cookin – Almost 250 pages with recipes for children.

Kids … let's cook! – Fast and fun recipes for kids.

A little cookbook for a little girl – Classic cookbook from 1905.

The Mary Frances Cookbook (or Adventure Among the Kitchen People) – A storybook and a cookbook combined. Published 1912.

Recipes for healthy children – Created by the USDA.

When mother lets us cook – to make recipes for children without help. Published 1916.

If mother makes us sweets – Start of the production of sweets. Published 1915.

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YouTube food channel

Big bolder baking – Many baking recipes.

Charli's Crafty Kitchen – Funny recipes and party treats.

Cook with Amber – Teenage host prepares a variety of recipes.

Eats amazing – makes healthy eating fun.

Everyday food with Sarah Carey – Cooking instructions with simple meals.

Family Fun Package – Kid hosts prepare a variety of recipes.

Hey kids, let's cook! – Recipes, diet, manners and more.

Hoopla Kidz Recipes – cakes, muffins and more.

How to cook it – Decorate cake.

Messy hands – A variety of recipes.

Nerdy Nummies – Back creations that are similar to the characters and objects of video games, television, books and movies.

HiHo Kids: Kids try – No cooking channel; Children try foods from other places and periods.

Cooking websites

ChopChop cooking club – Kids deserve virtual patches when they learn cooking skills.

spatula – Kid-friendly recipes and tutorials.

The children's cook Monday! – Recipes, tips and more.'s Kid Chef Recipes – Hundreds of recipes for children.

A guide to cooking by age – A helpful guide from the BBC. Contains some recipes.

Teach your children how to cook

More life skills

I hope your family enjoys using these free resources when cooking together. If you're looking for free resources to teach other life skills, visit this page. Here you will find free resources for finance, housekeeping, driver education, auto repair, entrepreneurship, gardening and much more.

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