How to find a compatible partner Dating

How to find a compatible partner
1. Find someone who suits you in every way.

2. Be ready to wait for the right person to come.

3. Values ​​are important in committed relationships – pay attention.

4. Resist taking on a fixer-upper – you can not change another person.

5. Be yourself – do not try to change yourself to meet the idea of ​​someone who is "right".

6. Your compatible partner is the one with whom you can be yourself.

7. Good communication is a key factor in a healthy relationship – he / she should be able to listen and speak openly.

8. Find someone who knows how to handle conflicts in a healthy way.

9. No games, coercion, pressure or manipulation.

10. Know what you expect from a compatible partner and accept no less than your bottom line.

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Anyone looking for a good relationship knows how important compatibility is. You want to find someone whose beliefs, interests and goals match yours. The degree of similarity significantly determines the fulfillment and stability that you will enjoy in the coming years (or not).

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After about four or five weeks of meeting someone, you'll wonder if you've found someone you can be exclusive with and build a real relationship. At this point, you should record six important points to judge whether you are a good fit to have a long-term relationship with them.

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