Fenway Park. Everything we expected and more! #bucketlist Tourism

A baseball pilgrimage to Fenway Park, Est 1912.
Photo: © CanadianandWorldTourism

We had great places in the 140 box. (4 sears per row – and the 2 next to me were empty 🙂
Photo: CanadianandWorldTourism

Love this vintage looking coke sign Fenway Park. Coca-Cola is one of the oldest sponsors of Boston Red Sox, who has been partnering with the famous team for over 107 years!
I’m a Blue Jays fan, but as a baseball fan, I like the history and success of the Boston Red Sox. I also really like the New York Yankees and the LA Dodgers (formerly Brooklyn Dodgers). But when it comes to baseball parks, I think Fenway is probably the prettiest and most characterful.
Photo: © CanadianandWorldTourism
We arrived early to walk around Fenway Park and enjoy the various historical walls inside.
Photo: © CanadianandWordlTourism

My friend and I stayed in the Sheraton Boston Hotel, We found that quite well and within walking distance to Fenway Park. We plan to do this again in a few years.

Good Trip.

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