Decorating Tips for Your Airbnb – Make Your Space Unique and Stylish at a Great Price! Interior Design

When it comes to designing a fun Airbnb rental, there are definitely some tips and tricks to make your room brighter, bigger and more expensive. The vacation rental industry in general has become so competitive, and having a property that stands out from the others has become so important to business survival. We have put together some Tips for interior decoration and tricks that will surely modernize your space and book you year-round. Look here:

Keep your walls white

It can be difficult to decorate your room first, and you may wonder what color you should paint the walls. This is a decoration tip that will make you lucky – just stick it with white walls. White walls are probably the best wall color to make a room bigger than it really is, more inviting and much brighter.

Light is reflected by white, which makes your room look twice as big. You'll also find that white walls make a room more chic and modern, and it's much easier to decorate it with a plain white canvas. You now have the opportunity to bring a bit of flair to your home with colorful pillows and some beautiful abstract paintings.

Photo of Granite Architects

Add exotic plants

Wherever you are (unless your Airbnb is in the Alps), you want your space for vacationers to look like an exotic sanctuary. Buy some real exotic plants such as birds of paradise (whose leaves are identical to a banana tree), Monstera, Ficus, Sansevieria and Areca palms. All of these plants should be available in every garden shop year-round, and I believe that even IKEA stocks some of these plants in its garden area. Avoid small plants and pots, as they look inferior and make the cleaning painful. Buy larger plants and place them in large pots to make a beautiful exotic statement in your rental space.

Photo of Kimberly Peck architect

Invest in beautiful floors

Proper flooring can interfere or affect your Airbnb rental. If you have carpeting in your rental, you definitely want to take it out and invest better high quality flooring, Replacing your floors does not cost an arm and a leg. There are tons of laminate flooring shops that offer discounts and even tile dealers who have great sales and last minute deals.

Make sure you shop a bit before deciding on something. If you have wood floors, you can definitely renew them by sanding them and repainting your floors. Look for inspirations for hardwood floors on Pinterest because there are countless ways to pattern old hardwood floors with stencils and paint. If your flooring needs to be redone, you should choose this route to save money and invest in something else.

Whether you have a big or a small budget, think about how long it will take to get your Airbnb renovation done. Expensive renovations can sometimes be pointless if rental rates are low in your area. So try to find ways to save money and how to make your space beautiful without spending too much money!

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