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Every two years the Build a Small Live Large Summit brings innovative small designers, developers and policy makers to Portland, Oregon. The event in 2019 will take place on 7 and 8 November. We would like to inform you about the sessions and tours that we look forward to this year!

Although it's not a normal home improvement store, Build Small is THE place for professionals to learn more about how small homes can make our cities more affordable, fair and liveable. Starting with guidelines for secondary housing and small home financing to tips for the adoption of Pro-Density housing regulations by local communities, you will find this content nowhere else.

The 2019 Summit will be a conference on Thursday, the 7th, with optional additional events on Friday the 8th. The optional events include a Full-day ADU workshop for design and real estate professionals, and a Half day guided bus tour of Portland,

Exciting sessions at Build Small Live Large Summit 2019 on Thursday, November 7th

2019: The year of progress in ADU financial innovation

ADCs and backyard houses have become increasingly popular with homeowners, designers and builders, but getting a loan to build one has remained a constant challenge … until now! Learn about the exciting progress that has been made this year and hear from multiple lenders what new lending products can help homeowners build their dream ADUs. Learn more about this session!

The Kenton Women's Village, a temporary shared flat for houseless women.

Creative approaches for temporary living solutions

It was not long before the tiny household realized that small, mobile homes could provide valuable options and benefits for our homeless citizens, but it took a while to realize all of this potential. Luckily for all of us, new variations of "tiny homeless homes" have surfaced throughout America. Listen to stories from three different communities that have introduced innovative solutions for small housing, and how they have affected their residents and surrounding communities. Learn more about this session!

SRO Revival – A resurgence of living together

The SRO stands for "Single Room Occupancy" – an affordable community shelter that has almost disappeared after the boom of single-family homes in America after the Second World War. However, in today's markets, cities are beginning to rethink this model in order to offer our citizens more diverse and affordable housing options today. Learn how to reintroduce SROs of a new generation and discover the potential of these collaborative environments. Learn more about this session!

The hard battle for the change of zones. Image: Toronto Star.

Advocating More Neighbors: Strategies for Adopting the Missing Middle Houses Act

Unfortunately, a common hurdle for building smaller and more affordable housing in our cities is getting our fellow citizens to support the policy changes and laws we need. In this rare and extremely helpful meeting of elected officials, city planners and housing lawyers, listen to what strategies and messages people have convinced – and not – to allow new types of development in their territories. Learn more about this session!

Radical Regulations – Innovative Housing Law on the West Coast

The types of houses that are built are determined by the professionals who are encouraged to build. This may not always sound like the most exciting thing, but it is the housing legislation that breathes new life into our cities and homes. Hear what radical new approaches cities are pursuing to build smaller, more affordable homes in our existing communities, and learn new templates for what's possible! Learn more about this session.

And so much more!

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