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Fall Game Day Entertaining – With Love by Kat Fashion

It is football season That means it's the perfect time to throw a small fall Gameday shindig with you All have returned from the summer trips. It's always a great month to meet people. Personally, I love every excuse to throw a party, and I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks for putting together a fun track for the fall day!

Game Day Snacks

Let's talk about it first the food! My personal favorite part of the conversation is to eat all the delicious treats! You can not throw any Gameday Party without salty and sweet. I picked up all the essential snacks like; crisps. Salsa. pretzels. Popcorn. M & Ms (Peanut butter are the best, right?), cheese cubes, and mixed nuts, I made the popcorn in 2 minutes without butter or oil with this amazing Hot Air Popper, If you follow me for a while, you know that popcorn is one of my favorite snacks air Popper is a GAMECHANGER for me !!! The popcorn turns out to be perfect – it does not burn and you can just spice it up with anything your heart desires after it's done. PLUS, it only costs $ 31 and can be delivered the next day Walmart! Trust me, you go want one,

Matchday drinks

Beside the obvious Gameday Beverages; Water, lemonade and beer, I thought it would be fun to add a spike lemonade to the summary. Everyone loves lemonade and it's a refreshing drink that goes with all the snacks and foods you will consume all day long! I ordered that lemonade and added a few drops of vodka and lemon slices big glass jug, I love that jug came with 5 glasses and keeps plenty of fluids ready for everyone to help themselves. The entire set has just been released for under $ 13! Adding a funny straw to the glass will give you a super-easy cocktail for your guests.


I picked up all these simple, affordable plates and bowls Walmart, These clear, shatter-proof chips + dip bowl was one of my favorite buys because it is so versatile and fits any interior design style. It's a great piece if you entertain outdoors! These wooden tray is so rustic and perfect for any kind of autumn spread – and would even look adorable on a coffee or entrance table all year round. These classics white bowls and this Clear shells are also ideal for year-round use.

Other Game Basics

Apart from snacks, drinks, and platters, a party on the day of the match would be like a few other important things TV. grill. Table + chairs, and games (I love it corn hole Set!) And if you really want to give it all, then Walmart has a lot of sweets Football decorative also! Shop everything I bought below. Have fun planning the matchdays!

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