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21 apps that make real money fast (Update September 2019) PERSONAL FINANCE

LLooking for easy ways to make a little more money in your free time?

If you have a smartphone (and who does not have it today?), You can quickly make real money with relatively little effort.

According to a study The average American spends 5.4 hours on the phone. 13% of Millennials say they spend more than 12 hours a day on the phone.

Why not monetize part of the time you spend on the phone instead of wasting everything on social media?

The following list contains a variety of Apps that help you make money,

They can help you save money on tasks you have already done, pay you to do simple tasks, recover cash, or even increase your investment money.

When it comes down to it, these apps can make money fast and without much work, making money from home or on the go.

What types of apps do you pay for?

Why are app companies eager to pay you to use their apps?

Some of them would like to get new users for their app and are willing to pay the customer acquisition costs to get you on board. Others need consumers who use their app to sell advertising or do market research. Other apps that allow you to sell things to make money fast.

What types of apps will we list in this article?

  • Poll apps
  • Cashback Apps
  • Apps for scanning receipts
  • Apps that allow you to do simple tasks
  • Apps for the sale of things

How are you paid for by the apps?

Depending on which company you are, you will be paid by the app in different ways.

  • Cash payment via PayPal or Venmo.
  • Direct transfer to your bank account.
  • Gift cards for your favorite online or in-store business.

Personally, I like being paid in cash, but I also do not mind buying a free Amazon gift card or Starbucks gift card from time to time.

Some apps have a payout threshold that you must meet before you can receive a payout. Usually the price is between 10 and 25 US dollars. Some have payouts as low as a few dollars.

Best apps that make real money

We downloaded and used almost every app on this list, as well as a number of others. Those we have included on this page have been found to be advisable and believe that you will receive the largest payout for your time with the least amount of work.

So let's get started making money on apps!

Personal capital

The Personal Capital app is a free financial app that lets you keep track of all your revenue, debt, investments and more in a user-friendly dashboard.

I have been using Personal Capital for years as a basis for my financial overview and I highly recommend it.

Although the app does not reward you technically for performing tasks in the app, it pays you money. As?

Just sign up for our account using our link and you'll receive a $ 20 (and I'll) easy Amazon gift card.

Apps that you use to make money - Personal Capital

In addition, the app can save you money in a variety of ways, from finding better investment opportunities and reducing fees to tracking your money to improve your financial position.

Since the $ 20 gift card is so easy to come by and the app is very useful even without the gift card, I've placed it above.


Swagbucks is one of my cashback apps. They pay you to use their app (or website) in different ways.

You can get cash and gift cards by shopping through the portal, completing surveys, watching videos, using the toolbar, and much more.

Apps That Make You Money - Swagbucks

As you complete all of these activities, you will receive SB points that you can redeem against a variety of Amazon, Walmart, Target, or other gift cards.

If you prefer, you can also pay via PayPal or a Visa gift card. However, it's worth checking to see how often certain rewards are offered, and you can get more credits for your points.

Sign up via our link and you will receive a 5 USD bonus to your account!


Rakuten is a cash back app and website that has paid more than $ 1 billion to consumers since 1999. (They were released under the name Ebates and changed to Rakuten recently when they were acquired.)

Since signing up, I've earned nearly $ 550 in cashback from the site.

Apps that make money - Rakuten

Whenever I make a major online purchase, such as a DSLR camera, I review a number of cash back sites Cash Back MonitorAnd Rakuten often has one of the best cash back percentages available.

Simply start your shopping experience with the appropriate app (or website) and you'll get back money for your purchase once the process is complete.

I recently bought a new DSLR camera and eventually got $ 65 back from Rakuten.

Sign up for our link and get a $ 10 bonus!


Ibotta is a cashback and rewards app for your Android or iOS device. They pay you back when you shop in certain stores or buy certain products.

Apps that cost money - Ibotta

I usually use the app when I go shopping because they have a lot of cash back offers for groceries, but for a variety of stores that are not grocery stores, there are cashback rewards. Just add the offers you want to buy to your app and after purchase, take a picture of your receipt. It checks the items on your receipt for which you have offers and adds the cashback balance to your account.

If you remember to add the cash back offers before you start, and remember to buy the items, you can earn a decent amount of cash back.

Read a full review of Ibotta here.

Get rewards

Fetch Rewards is another app for scanning and rewarding receipts. It has quickly become one of my favorites because it is so easy to use.

Apps that pay money - Rewards

Similar to Ibotta, you can search the app and see cashback offers for food, beer and other things. Unlike Ibotta, however, you only have to scan your receipt to receive the offers.

When you scan your receipt, the app automatically determines what is on the receipt and asks for cashback offers for which you are eligible.

For example, recently during a shopping spree I received a few dollar bonus points for a few of our purchased ice creams from Ben and Jerry, along with a diet from Mountain Dew. Only the points were added to our account, which we can redeem for rewards later.

When you scan the receipt, some options for buying items are also suggested next time, rather than similar ones that you bought this time.

I've been using the app for a few weeks now and have earned Amazon gift cards for almost $ 15. They also have gift cards for stores like Target, Walmart, Itunes and a variety of charities to donate money to.

Use the reference code MREFX When you sign up, you will receive 2,000 call points just to open an account.


ReceiptPal is another easy to use document scanning app. Often, you can use multiple apps like these to get rewards for more than one service. Personally, I use ReceiptPal and Fetch Rewards for most of my purchasing documents.

Apps that pay you money - Receiptpal

With ReceiptPal you collect bonus points by simply scanning all your paper receipts. You'll also earn points for linked Amazon or email accounts for which additional vouchers can be counted.

For every 4 vouchers you receive 100 points that you can use for a reward. Among other things, you can redeem your points with only 2200 points for an Amazon gift card worth $ 5 or a Target, Lowes Best Buy or Visa gift card.

It does take a while to earn rewards with ReceiptPal, but I like it because it's easy and you take something that does not bring rewards, scan receipts, and monetize it.

I just used it a few weeks ago and was able to redeem my points for a $ 1 Amazon gift card so far because I really did not do anything but scan my receipts.

receipt pig

receipt pig is very similar to ReceiptPal. You will receive rewards when photographing your receipts in a shop, restaurant or café.

You can also earn additional rewards through the virtual slot machine in the app, sweepstakes, polls and more.

If you have earned enough, you can request a payout. You pay via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

The app works well, but there is a waiting list that you can attend so that you may not be able to participate immediately. Just go to the list and we hope you will be added soon.


Dosh is a cashback and rewards app that lets you get money back for any purchases you make.

Apps that cost money - Dosh App

To earn money, simply log in using the link below (and you'll get a $ 5 balance) and then bind your credit or debit card to Dosh.

Once you've linked your map, search the app for locations where you can get money back online or at a location near you.

For example, one of our favorite restaurants in the area, Lakeville Brewing, is listed in the app and gives you 5% cash back if you dine in your restaurant and pay with your linked card.

We would have eaten there anyway, but we can earn 5% cashback for no extra work by only paying with our linked card!

You can also refer other users to the service and earn $ 5 each time you sign up.

Use reference code: PETERA18 When you sign up, the code will give you a $ 5 credit that you can redeem for cash later.


Drop is another cash back app that lets you withdraw money. How do you earn?

Apps that cost money - Drop App

When shopping with your linked credit card in stores listed in your app, using the special offers listed in your account, completing surveys, and completing tasks. You can also earn by referring new users to the service.

Simply download the app via our link to your phone. Then link your credit or debit card to the account. Finally, you can simply shop in one of their shops or use the offers listed in the app.

One of our favorite stores, Target, is one of the apps listed in the app, and we regularly receive drop points for shopping there.

When all is said and done, you can redeem your delivery points for a variety of different gift cards.

Sales Representative

Field Agent is an app that lets you become a secret buyer and receive payouts for each completed order.

For example, one day while I was reviewing the app, they had jobs to shop in a local mobile phone business ($ 4 payout), a job to check a grocery ad in a local store ($ 3 payout), and jobs Pizza to buy at Little Caesar's Pizza and tell on video of your experience.

Apps that cost you money - field staff

To complete the order, follow the instructions in the app and follow the steps to take a picture of the price of an item, make a video on your phone, or complete a survey. When you're done, you'll typically receive a payout in the $ 3 to $ 12 range.

Withdrawals will be sent directly to your checking or savings account via a direct transfer after your account has been verified.


With the Mobee App, you can complete fun and easy secret shopper missions in local stores, just like Field Agent.

Often, the missions ask you to find a particular display in the store, take a picture of it, and then ask some questions to an employee.

The missions usually take about 15 minutes. At the end you get points that can be used for a reward.

The rewards you can receive include Amazon Gift Cards, Mastercard Gift Cards, Starbuck Cards, Destination Cards, and any number of donations to charities such as the ASPCA or the Alzheimer's Association.

If you want a small boost to your Mobee points, use the referral code BKVH When you sign up to earn 300 points. This will give you 3/5 of the way to a gift card worth $ 5!


GetUpside is an app that lets you earn money on gasoline and find the best gasoline prices in your area.

Apps that pay money - GetUpside

You can also get bonus cashback offers for convenience store items and auto services (car wash, oil change, and more).

GetUpside works with major gas stations like Shell, BP, Exxon and more. View gasoline prices near you at over 9,000 gas stations and earn fuel bounties with real cashback every time you refuel.

While the options for participating gas stations in my area are sparse (mostly BP gas stations), they are much more common in many markets. Even with the limited options in my area, they offer 0.30 cents per gallon with the app, which is pretty good.

Some markets also offer cash back rewards for restaurants, groceries and more. Check the availability in your area.

You can always make a withdrawal in the app. The repayment takes place via PayPal, check or gift card.

Sign up for the app using the link below and use the promo code TBF4R The first time you refuel, you will receive an additional 0.15 cents / gallon of cash.

Store kick

ShopKick is a cash back app that you can use to earn points (they call their points "kicks"), for example, by linking a credit card and making purchases, submitting vouchers, making online purchases from their app, scanning product barcodes or even things like just going into a business.

Apps that cost money - ShopKick

Earning rewards through the app is easy and most people can earn their first reward within a week or so.

It definitely helps that they have so many opportunities to earn.

They have a lot of rewards available, mainly gift cards from stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, AMC and others.

Uber & Lyft

If you have a newer car and would like to earn some more money, try the apps from Uber and Lyft.

With these two rides, you can earn extra pocket money or even earn almost full-time income in some cities.

Apps that make money with you - Ride driver via uber or lyft

After one items The average driver earns over $ 8.80 to $ 11 per hour after deducting travel expenses. Uber claims that it is a bit more.

Either way, that's not a lot of money, but it's a flexible and easy way to earn extra money in emergencies.

You are not sure if you still want to do it completely? Drive with another driver and ask him how he likes it!

When you sign up, do not forget to claim a sign-up bonus for extra money!

Post Mates

If you're not driving a car for a carpool, consider using a delivery app like Postmates to earn money.

It's free to sign up and get started. You only need to be 18, have a smartphone with the app installed, and pass a background check.

You do not have to make any commitments, you just have to deliver when you want. If you have some time and want to accept deliveries, simply turn on your Postmates app, go online and accept deliveries that make sense to you.

What do you deliver? Whatever people need.

Apps that make you money - Postmates

Whether it's a box of 12 eggs, a new shirt or an order from Taco Bell.

In most cases you only pick up one item and deliver it. In some cases, you use the prepaid card provided by Postmates to place and pay for your order.

Once you earn money with the app, you can easily withdraw it on demand or it will pay you off every week.

Job Spotter App

Apps That Make You Money - Job Spotter by Indeed

The Job Spotter App by Indeed Pays you to take pictures with help icons you see on the go. How easy is that

How does it work?

If you have the app installed on your iOS or Android phone and you're on the move, just keep your eyes open to look for "Help Want" or "Set Now".

Make a photo of the sign and storefront with the app. If accepted, earn points for each approved submission

How much does it cost to do this? On average, you can earn between $ 0.05 and $ 1.50 for each submission that you can use for an Amazon gift card.

You can redeem the points for Amazon gift cards at any time!


Using the rover app as a pet manager or dog walker is a great way to make some money on the side.

Apps that cost money - Rover Dog Sitter

According to Rover, sitter who use their app can earn up to $ 100 a week (or more) if they become sitter on their site.

If you already have a dog and you are comfortable with other people's pets, you should consider observing the people's companion dog part-time during their absence or even during their daytime work. You will not have much extra work and you can earn some money if you do things that you do anyway.

If you recommend a friend other than Sitter, you can earn a referral bonus of $ 50 if approved and book your first stay in 90 days!


Instacart is a service and mobile app that earns money as a full-service shopper and deliverer.

How does it work?

Apps That Make You Money - Instacart

After completing the application process and being approved, you can receive online grocery orders through the app. You shop at the local grocery store for the customer's order. There can only be a few elements or a whole list.

Once you have collected all the items on the list that you pay with an Instacart credit card, enter the times and deliver them to the person who ordered them.

How much can you deliver for Instacart? They claim that drivers can earn up to $ 25 an hour during peak hours, but according to, Instacart customers earn between $ 7 and $ 20 per hour, averaging $ 11 per hour.

If you want to make a little extra money on the side, this may be a good app.

Mist Play

Apps that make you money - Mistplay

Mistplay is a social platform for mobile gaming where you can play games on your mobile device, iOS or Android.

Discover new games, play the games in their lists, connect with your friends and then earn points for playing games.

Once you've earned enough points, you can redeem them for rewards, including cash or gift cards. They have Amazon Gift Cards, Xbox Gift Cards, Google Play Credit, Starbucks Gift Cards, iTunes Credit, and more.

Gift Cards can be redeemed for just $ 0.50 for an Amazon Gift Card!


Apps That Make You Money - Decluttr

Decluttr is an app that pays you money on all your unwanted or unused items.

They buy a wide range of things like CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray, games, game consoles, books, cell phones, Legos and more.

How does it work? Download the app on iOS or Android, and then enter all the items you want to sell. They give you an estimate of what you will do.

After you've added all the items, complete your order and receive a free shipping label to submit the items.

Once the items have arrived, they will be processed and make you a final offer based on their actual condition. If you accept this, you will be paid by bank transfer, PayPal or an old-fashioned check. I have used Decluttr and I recommend it.

Read our full review of Decluttr: Sell at Decluttr – Buy at Decluttr

Earn with apps that pay cash!

There are a lot of legitimate, fraud-free apps that can pay for money and that you can use today.

Just make sure the apps you download are legitimate, have a positive review history, and have been used successfully by others.

When you do these things, you're well on the way to earning extra money to increase your profits.

Do you have your own apps that pay the money that you would recommend to people to try out? Tell us what you think in the comments!

frequently asked Questions

Which apps do you pay immediately?

Most apps require you to make money until you reach a payout threshold. However, there are apps that pay off as soon as you earn. Secret shopper and gig apps such as Field Agent, Gigwalk or Mobee ensure an immediate payout. With Uber and Lyft you can also make a withdrawal on the same day, although there are some limitations. Other services like DoorDash offer an immediate payout once you've been with them for a while, but not before.

Are there any apps that you pay for walking?

Yes, there are some apps that you pay for walking. The best are Sweatcoin, Lympo, Achievement and Stepbet. Charity miles do not pay you to go, but donate money to a charity of your choice! You can also make money when you go through apps like Postmates, Rover or other side-gig apps.

With which apps do you get real money for games?

There are many apps and websites that you pay to play games. Some of the most popular are Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks Live, MyPoints, Bananatic and Mistplay.

Can you earn money with apps?

Yes, you can earn money with apps. Some apps pay for running your online shopping with their app. Others pay you to complete surveys or scan receipts from your purchases in the store. Others will pay you to do small tasks or take part in the Gig Economy (dog walking, ride, etc.). With others you can sell your stuff and then receive a payout when they are sold. It all depends on deciding how much time you need to invest and how much you want to earn.

Which apps pay the most?

The highest paid apps are likely to be the ones where you actually have a side job to earn money. Apps like Uber, Lyft, Rover, and other gig-economy apps can help you get close to full-time income. Other apps offer good sign-up bonuses that pay off when you use them. Personal Capital has an Amazon gift card worth $ 20, Ibotta a sign-up bonus of $ 10. Otherwise, it may take a while for other apps to earn as much as you like.

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