Wide legged denim for fall Life-style

Everlane Wide Legged Denim

I'm so excited that I'll be working with Everlane by the end of the year. Every month I share my favorite newcomers with you and show you how to style them. I have worn Everlane all year round, so this is a dream collaboration. Undoubtedly, Everlane has some of the best fundamentals and the price is very affordable. You are also a very conscious and sustainable brand (yay)!

Look 1: Everlane Cotton Turtleneck xxs, wide-legged Everlane jeans with 24 ankles (cut hems) // Look 2: Everlane Link-stitch sweater xxs, Everlane wide leg jeans with 24 ankles (cut hems), Everlane shape mini Bag

I wore my white and black loose-leg jeans all summer long and was thrilled to sample Everlane's new leg-length denim in light and dark indigo colors. Wide jeans can be difficult to style for petites. They should be cut to the correct length (cut off) and be highly waisted. Something I love about wide-legged jeans, there are so many shoe options that you can use to style them. They go well with flats, mules, booties, and sandals, and I'm sure there are many more. The wide-legged jeans by Everlane are comfortable, thick and somewhat stretchy and have this vintage look. I ordered the ankle 24, but still had to cut the seams. These shrink after washing something in the waist.

If you do not know Everlane, I'll share my experience with you. They have the best sweaters. If you want to buy a pair of sweaters this Fall, Everlane is for you. The new Oversized Alpaca sweaters are so pretty (I just got the Charcoal Twist and Almond colors in XXS) and I love their Texture Cotton Cable Sweater (I have it in Black XXS). The quality, the fit, the look – everything is fine point. They also have really great, affordable jeans. I have so many questions about light wash straight jeans that will not disappoint. I also recently took this ReNew hoodie, which is so cuddly, thick and soft. It's clipped, so I put it in a small format. They also have the best t-shirts – the Air Oversized Crewneck T-Shirt is my favorite (xxs). Can you say I'm an Everlane fan, lol.

As mentioned above, I will be back every month until the end of the year and share my favorite new additions. In the meantime, I can style more Everlane pieces on Instagram in my stories.


Special thanks to Everlane for cooperation in this post.

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