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To start your day like the AmishTheName% 20Your% 20Link"> alarm clock The bell rang and the snooze key was pressed. The third rooster of the early hours of sun crows and asks me to "raise yourself!". My mind knows that I have so many things to do, but my body just does not want to listen.

Is this your morning? Well, I've been trying for years to stop, press the snooze button, and listen to the roosters when they start their day.

But there are many mornings that start slowly, usually thanks to a late night of reading before going to bed the night before. So, how do I manage to take care of all my tasks at the homestead without having total chaos in our home?

I have taken my lessons from the many Amish books and studies that I've read over the years. I always read at least one Amish fiction bookas well as one Amish cookbook or others Amish non-fiction books Publication.

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Some of my latest favorites have really taught me how Amish women and mothers run their households. (My life as an Amish wife: A diary by Lena Yoder and The Amish Cook: Memories and Recipes of an Old-Time Amish Family by Elizabeth Coblentz ).

Now I know that there are a lot of people who already have this problem and do not have to read how to start their morning, but for most of us, things are constantly changing as families and homesteads grow. What I've discovered is that the way you start your morning helps you to adapt to those changes and set the tone for the whole day. For me and the lessons I learned from the Amish, everything boils down to discipline and routine. By implementing many of the concepts I have learned from the Amish, I have been able to bring morning to the farm for myself and my family, who are happy and productive, and prepare the day for success. Here's my list of things I do to get my days going – I hope they help you get your day started!

Clean the kitchen before you go to bed, Yes, my morning starts the night before. The quickest way to stress your day is to go to the kitchen and sleepily search for it coffee mug and potand have to maneuver around a few things in the sink or on the counter. Taking the few minutes before bed to make sure the kitchen is ready for the morning makes a big difference in how my day starts.

Get up before the rest of the family, This is the most important step for me. If you know that you will take a nap, start with one Name% 20Your% 20Link">alarm one hour before the others in your household. It's amazing what 30-60 minutes of private time can bring to make your day a positive move. Believe me, your family will truly appreciate your relaxed and positive state of mind, which you gain through this step.

If you drink coffee to get started, get one coffee pot with a timer (to like these) and commit yourself to prepare it every evening. I can handle mine when I'm working on dinner so it's done with this round of cooking. Oh, what a blessing to know that the coffee brews every morning at 6:00!

If you have drunk your coffee, go around and pick up the rest of the house, Make sure you bring everything the family left last night Name% 20Your% 20Link"> Socks they dropped off, the Name% 20Your% 20Link">Cover they cuddled up in the Name% 20Your% 20Link">Toys and games), even if you only have everything in one place (like those big baskets). Clutter equates to chaos and helps your family wake up in a quiet atmosphere to keep your day calm.

During this quiet time in the morning, spend a few minutes doing things that you enjoy, Spend time with the Lord, think about the blessings in your life, read a good book Christian book reviews for ideas) or the Name% 20Your% 20Link">Bible without interruption.

Start something – get yours Name% 20Your% 20Link"> Bread Churned and getting up, set in Name% 20Your% 20Link"> Meal by doingName% 20Your% 20Link"> Crock pot. Remove meat to thaw Name% 20Your% 20Link">dinner, Write Name% 20Your% 20Link">grocery list, make yours Name% 20Your% 20Link"> Laundry, Everything you start first thing in the morning is one less thing you have to worry about later in the day.

Please check your Name% 20Your% 20Link"> Calendar Plan your weeks activities and Name% 20Your% 20Link"> Set goals, If you have a large project, consider how to implement it without disturbing the rest of the farm's duties. If you wantName% 20Your% 20Link"> sew or make smart, determine when you can sneak in some time to do that. If you go to dinner for dinner, you decide what Name% 20Your% 20Link">eat and Name% 20Your% 20Link">Hostess gift You will take with you and when you finish it.

Write Name% 20Your% 20Link"> Letters and other correspondence, Now I'm not saying that you get up and pay bills first or stress yourself about what's due. I say sit down and really correspond with someone. Whether it is an old-fashioned letter Name% 20Your% 20Link">pen andName% 20Your% 20Link"> paperor to send an e-mail, take the time to let someone know that you care and think about him. When you use Name% 20Your% 20Link">pen and Name% 20Your% 20Link">paperthen make sure you stamp it and bring it to the mailbox for collection. Do not leave your letter lying around in the "upcoming" stack!

Name% 20Your% 20Link"> Journal or write in yoursName% 20Your% 20Link"> Diary, If you do not already do that, I highly recommend it. I have one for years Name% 20Your% 20Link">diary– a really simple one in which I can only write down the events of the day. I used one Name% 20Your% 20Link">5 years diary (to like Name% 20Your% 20Link">these) and like to look back on the past few years to see what happened then. It's amazing how similar the weather and farm events are every year! And it's even more amazing to see how the Lord has grown and changed me.

Open the door, go outside and take a deep breath, Look around well. Do you really see the beauty that the Lord has made in your day. Do not just run out and start working. Sit down with your coffee or tea in a popular place. A few minutes of the embrace of God's creation will bring peace and awe into your heart. Do not forget, "this is the day the Lord made". Live and start each morning with the knowledge that every day is new and special so that you live according to His will.

Well, that's all for now … I hope you have a blessed morning! Remember to start your day like the Amish!

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