The secret formula to have energy every day Life-style

The formula for lethargy = hate + failure

Hate for what you do and lack of progress.

This is why so many people lack energy, hate their jobs, and there is no room for progress. It’s just a clear, lifelong salary to do the same thing every day.

The formula for energy is just the opposite.

The formula for energy = passion + progress.

Passion for what you are doing and progress towards your goal.

This is especially true as an entrepreneur.

If you don’t wake up with energy, you are either not enthusiastic about what you are doing or you are not making progress towards your goals, and by that I mean real goals that inspire you.

We are programmed to achieve goals without exception.

For this reason, it is the absolute best framework for navigating the world, playing life like a game with many different mini-games that contain endless levels and goals.

Without new goals and progress, hedonic adjustment begins no matter how good you are. You get a short-term boost and then the expensive car becomes the new normal. Hedonic customization is why all the things that made you happy as a child no longer make you happy, like ice cream, toys, or amusement parks. You already experience them enough that you have adapted to their joys. This is one of the ironies of life, because as an adult you can finally afford to buy everything you wanted as a child.

Since an adult’s energy does not come from ice or toys, it comes from regular progress towards a goal. Just like the video games you played as a kid, you need to evolve in the game of life to achieve this dopamine release. The more progress you make and the faster you move, the more dopamine is released. That’s why you want to celebrate a plateau but never set up a camp there. Because without new plateaus to be reached, the euphoria you have felt will be followed by depression and lethargy.

That’s why people like Grant Cardone and Gary Vee have so much energy because they’re passionate and aggressive toward big, fun, aggressive goals. Successful people work hard because working hard makes them progress faster and release more dopamine.

Don’t fight it, just accept it and be there. Be in the right business and take aggressive measures. If you are not enthusiastic about selling real estate, you should be enthusiastic about the money and the areas to be conquered. Or get in a vehicle you really want to be in. You only have one life, so don’t settle for a job that you hate and find it difficult to get out of bed.

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