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Blogging … the great way to bring your thoughts to the Internet while being informative or entertaining, or both! If you're new to the entire blogging scene and want ideas before you begin your blogging adventure, keep reading as there are some simple but effective steps.

1, Consistency is the key

The more consistent the better. If you publish content at least once or twice a week, Google and other search engines will notice your activity and rate you. If you're lazy and just publish whenever you want, Google is not so sure about that and will not rank you nearly as high if you want to be consistent.

Short note: To be consistent means to still have great content. Do not get sloppy, because your readers will not only notice, but also guess who will notice. Yes google This is the first step and one of the most important steps to take good blogger,

2, Links do not always mean that you have a rank

Do not include links as this is a "source" and your blog will fill more. Linking can sometimes damage your rank but not improve it, even if it's relevant. And here is the reason! The reason for this is that you need to make sure that the website you are referring to is re-established and professional.

Another reason is that when you go to a blog and see links to the left, right, and center, it looks like spam and unprofessional, not to mention that you did not bother with your own content and only relevant ones Found content and spamming it into your content.

"If you want to continually expand your blog, you need to learn to blog consistently." Neil Patel

3, Spread the word

Nowadays, the size of the Internet has made it easier to spread awareness of your blog! Pinterest is one of my favorites. Using Pinterest is an effective way to quickly attract much attention. And here's what I do to increase traffic and look for related blogs and content that I bring out.

Because Pinterest is considered a search engine and not a social media platform, it generates a lot of organic traffic. Besides, it is very easy to use. The beauty of it is that you can access your website from publishing good-looking images / graphics to target an audience looking for relevant content.

To illustrate how great Pinterest is, I have been running Pinterest for about a month and have posted pens here and there on my website, not as much as I should. Would you like to know how many people I reach organically? 2,600 organic people will see my own pins, which I have posted on Pinterest and which point to the relevant blogs on my website. And after just a month of putting some pins here and there and using Canva for the good-looking pins. I'd advise you to watch some YouTube videos on Pinterest too before they become saturated / competitive.

Quora is one of my favorites. Quora is a kind of Q & A website where people ask questions they want to answer. As long as you have an account, you can answer these questions. How do you benefit from this? As long as you give a good answer to another person's question, you can link to your website / blog that is relevant to your content.

Let's say your blog is about photography, and the question is asked which DSLR entry-level camera is best for beginners. Great, you have a blog that is relevant to this question, go in and answer them, give your opinion on a few cameras and then you can say, "Hey, I made a complete blog on this topic that would be more informative for you here ". Then link it as a hyperlink so it looks smarter than just publishing it as a full link.

After you've posted the link in your response, your answer will appear in the "Responses" section when you search Quora for an answer on the best DSLR entry-level cameras and come across the original poster. There is a chance that they click on your link to your blog and there you have it, more FREE organic traffic.

4, guest Post

For guest contributions, you'll find a site that is similar to yours and has more authority and traffic than yours. Check if the website you are interested in accepts guest contributions (usually you will find a link in the header or footer). If you know that you accept guest contributions, write an article that you have not yet published. When you accept your guest contribution, traffic will be aware of your contribution.

The nice thing is that you can refer back to your website via the article you submitted on the website or in the Authors Biography section. Once the traffic has read your article, it will click on your website to check it out the other content out there.

In your post that points to your website, the traffic, which can lead to more traffic on your website, and you gain more authority, which in the long run means a higher ranking.

This means that the website you have booked as a guest will have good, traceable, free content for your visitors and you will have free access to your article and website. All are happy.

"The process of finding, creating and consuming information has changed fundamentally with the advent of the Web and the advent of blogging." Ryan Holiday

5, To repeat

This is just as important as all the above steps together. To be consistent, you need to republish your content. To publish the name and content of your website, you need to create a link. (although still careful, as stated above).

You have to be active and repeat what you are doing on the above Pinterest and Quora in your niche. You'll also need to post these guest posts there, even if you receive one a week, as this will increase your visibility in the long term. Repeat, repeat and repeat.

This is not a quick guide for Become a successful bloggerThere are steps to continually expand your content so that everyone can find and enjoy your delivered content.

Do you have a blog? If so, let us know in the comments below! We would like to see it!

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