A small, awkward master bedroom makeover with a custom made A + DIY headboard :DIY Home Decor - Amazing Reveal Contact: [email protected]



A small, awkward master bedroom makeover with a custom made A + DIY headboard :DIY Home Decor

Bowser Bedroom Lores 5

Revealing Emily Bowser here with my master bedroom. Yesterday I showed you many amazingly unfortunate "before" photos (read here) that would not let anyone ask why I even bought the house that I call home now, but today I can show you what (at least partially ) of it) was to justify me. Let's get started right away …

But wait first for a reminder:

Yes, we worked with that.


Bowser bedroom stories 1

Buy the look: nightstand | lamps | duvet cover | bill | mattress | The bed floor | Linen Window Shade | Mixed media art | art frame | Wall paint color

There she is … my everything, my Daffy. Oh, and thought of the bed for only 3 years before I invited Julie and Erik from EHD to help / force me to make it. Nothing like an upcoming photo shoot deadline and the constant "Are we good at your MOTO detection date?" From Arlyn, to get these corridors working.

Bowser Bedroom Lores 2

Professional tip: If you want a piece of furniture from a large store, first look for its name on Craigslist (keeping in mind that you are looking for an offer). There I found this couple West Elm bedside tables for $ 150 ($ 299 each). They checked all the boxes: they fit in the room, they were cheap and they had a drawer. I'm easy to please when it comes, I think. They are Metal, which is a bit great because IKEA does it These magnetic strips with USB plugs on those who stay at the back so that wires are hidden and we can connect our phones and audio equipment. YES, we are still sleeping with our phones for alarm purposes, but they are in airplane mode and we disconnect our WIFI every night. I AM NO MONSTER.

Bowser Bedroom Lores 10

My Maskor table lamps from Gantri. GUYS. I love her so much. You know when Instagram does this scary thing, when you searched online or when you say the word "tampon" in one sentence and then you get ALL sponsored posts from Thinx and Cora tampons? Well, that happened with these lights, but instead of tampons, I got modern, low, bubbly lamps. I spent maybe three hours looking for modern lamps that fit here, went to Instagram to take a break, and Instagram was like, "Oh, you mean THIS ??". Yes. Yes, I have you scary, scary stalker. I needed something modern to make sure that this space was reconciled with all the vintage and texture. After reviewing their website and choosing this company for their values, I reached out and they sent me two of those beautiful lights. I could not love her anymore. They are green and the same color as my IKEA storage bank. They "talk" to each other, have a texture, but are made from a corn-PLA blend, making them feel new and modern. They also have a dimmer, which is a must for us. Andrew and I are both funny about bright lights. In addition, they are manufactured sustainably and have a business model that supports the creators and provides the average consumer with beautiful lighting. CHECK IT OUT AND SUPPORT IT.

I'm sorry to say that my carpets are vintage. Yes, carpets. I found them both at the Rose Bowl flea market for $ 150 each and bought them without haggling because I'm THAT person if I love something. I would say my reaction to these carpets was similar to when I saw the buoys of the vintage line. HAVE GIVEN ME EM. I was not sure how to fix the fact that they were other sizes, but I was GONNA. Funnily, it was the best thing about them. You see, I wanted a big carpet. As I mentioned earlier, the floor is tiled and cold and I wanted to get out of bed on both sides and hit the carpet first. However, the bedroom door opens right next to the left side of the bed so most of the larger carpets would keep the door from opening completely or the door would push the carpet around. With the staggered approach of the upper carpet to the floor, we have the advantage of waking up to having a rug on our feet while keeping out of the way to the door. The carpets are very similar but slightly different, so I do not mind if they get more out of balance.

Bowser Bedroom Lores 33

My bed, my sweet, sweet bed. My husband and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. I'm not sure how that happened, but if you had looked at our old mattress, you would have assumed that we were married for 30 years and had a problem with the bed wetting. What happens when you sleep? It was so embarrassing that when we put out the mattress recycling mattress, I got my husband turned upside down so the whole neighborhood would not notice our shame! My friend Lauren, who has appeared several times in my contributions, had just bought that Mint mattress of tuft and needle and like me, if she likes something, she becomes her spokeswoman (bulletproof what?).

When we renovated the Velux bedroom, I asked Julie to contact her because I had heard great things about her company, service, and product. It was a dream to work with them for this shoot, so I thought I might as well ask. They were very kind to send through their mint mattress (queen) a mattress protectors (THANKS GOD), two of them pillow, one Row of leaves (not seen here), a Duvet cover made of linen and Linen-Shams, Well, mattress comfort is a bit of a personal thing, so obviously my word with a grain of salt (I know they will work with you to donate if you do not like their product), but I found this bed so comfortable. It's a memory foam construction where the bed does not move much if you or your partner (or cat) do so. I like a firmer mattress, but I'm a side sleeper, so a bit of softness is good to support the shape of my body (that was a weird thing to write about, but I'm not sure how to say it otherwise ??) and I found the style perfect for me.

Bowser Bedroom Lores 11

The pillows are heavenly. I had not found "my" pillow until I had slept with it these, The sheets were buttery soft. Unfortunately, they almost had the exact color of the carpet, but they did not exactly fit, so they did not work in this room, though I'm excited to use them in the spare bedroom revelation, which will be out soon. I love the duvet cover and bill, I am a card-carrying member of the Leinendeckenclub. There is a lot of disagreement in the office about how people sleep with linen, but I personally love it. I do not want to have it right against me, but I love it on a comforter or pillowcase that I use between my legs (also a weird sentence for writing, sorry). This duvet is especially the soft linen. It feels as if it has been washed with stones a million times, if that makes sense. Incidentally, the duvet and pillowcases are made of charcoal and not of slate. It looks a bit bluer than IRL, I think. Overall, an A + for this company from me. Yes, I did not pay for this stuff, but my friend Lauren did, and if you knew Lauren, you would know that this is a trusted recommendation. Haha, that should be a Yelp review option: "I've never been here before, but Lauren has it and you know what THAT means." Side Note: Unfortunately, the extra-long lumbar pillow you saw on earlier photos is also home improvement got the stuff out of the Rose Bowl!

Bowser bedroom stories 18

Let's go to the other side of the room! The dresser! Finally I found something that would work under the window: I bought two IVAR 3 drawer chests (Each $ 95), black stained, bought 3-inch wooden legsshe sprayed black and screwed her together at will. Maybe $ 220 spent? It's nothing special, not even worth a DIY contribution, but it works. I could upgrade by adding pulls, but technically you do not need them and "FINISH IS BETTER THAN PERFECT."

The bench in the corner is vintage and was given to me by a friend. I sprayed it green. I use it when I need make-up, because this area has the best light. I put it in front of my (also) orange vintage mirror when I bought it for $ 20 on the Long Beach Flea Market. I painted it with that Cracked Pepper from Behr Color left over from my old bedroom (and the old side tables that I showed you yesterday).

Let us address a part of the decor here:

Bowser bedroom stories 24

Ladder: This is vintage, has the most perfect patina, completely wrapped in rusty metal wire, for no reason. I bought it a couple of years ago on the Long Beach Flea Market for $ 80 and did not set it up until the morning of the shoot when that wall looked a bit bleak. I love it, it will live there forever! Sometimes inspiration comes while you do it. There are two target ceiling On the ladder, the pretty fabric is of course vintage and is also bought on the Long Beach Flea Market. I plan on making pillows for the living room, but the carpet looks so good … ?? The hanging beads are also vintage (SORRY).

Bowser bedroom stories 23

Buy the look: Chests | Chest of legs | lamp | Terracotta planter (no longer available) | linen colors | tray

Hanging flower box: Also vintage. I bought it from my friends at Taylor + Taylor who close their camp. I took a quick look and reached for the tiny vase on the left side table and the fantastic wooden canister on the tray. Follow them to find out when they open the warehouse sale to the public (I think it starts this weekend!). Because I know you will ask, the plant is asparagus fern and is well suited for indirect bright light.

Lamp: From West Elm and I've loved it since we used it in the Invitation Home Atlanta shoot. The color matches the white of the carpet and the shades and makes it feel functional next to the white walls (Polar Bear by Behr for those who will definitely ask).


Window coverings: Let's talk about the colors quickly! I can not explain how important it is for me to sleep in a completely dark room. Almost as important as dimmable lights and blue blocking glasses. I lived with cheap white blackout scooters for three years because it was the FIRST thing I put in the house. They worked, but they were not cute. I knew that shadows were the only way to get into this room. The windows were just too thin and awkward to make curtains work. I tried hard Barn & pasture about another project that has not been realized yet but has asked for my house in my dialogue with them. You were kind enough to send me a blackout protection, and I can only say: window treatments complete a room. We did this myself in an hour (maybe) on a Saturday and I thought, "NOW, I'm officially an adult." I have this Relaxed style in flax, It is a linen shade and it feels and looks very high quality. You can customize the fabric, the design, the size, the inside or outside mounting, the lining and the cord as well as the side. In addition, they were easy to install and work with. Complete darkness for me.

Bowser Bedroom Lores 25

Buy the look: oil diffuser | ring holder | marble bowl (actually only the top of a box) | lamp | tray

Tray: To the right of the lamp is the most perfect tray in the history of the world. If you live in LA or are planning to visit LA or Ojai, you have to go deKor & Co, My friend Isabelle is the owner of the store and she is also an amazing interior designer. I'm proud, #paidforthis, it was not the cheapest thing in the world ($ 170), but that's because it's not the cheapest thing in the world. It is made of leather, green and has nice hand seams on the outside. It has the perfect size and color for the room and good, special trays are SO hard to find. DESIGNER !! SORRY!!

Bowser bedroom stories 14

Buy the look: Bank | art | cat (ha, jk)

Ah, the old man Stocks and IKEA storage bank ($ 249). I've owned it since we moved in and I needed more storage. Emily has a similar one from Target that she found and that inspired me to do the same to upgrade it a bit. It's something that could have been a home improvement, but personally it was not worth my time because I do not have much of it these days. The upholsterer only charged me $ 90 and I bought the screen in downtown Pacific Blue Denims. It was cheap, $ 4.75 / yd and I only needed 3-4 yards ($ 20). I used the same canvas in my dinette, which will be revealed soon, so I bought more, but that was the amount I needed here.

The accordion hook is vintage and comes, as you guessed, from the Long Beach flea market. It cost $ 5 and is a great way to keep your necklaces and wall art. The bag on the wall is also a flea market find. It has become a bit too fragile to use, but it does not stop me from turning it into a texture for my walls.

Bowser side by side 1

Both pieces of "real" art (that's a loaded statement, what's real, what's art?) Stems from MaryAnn pulse, I bought the right of the bank from her when we were in Portland. I do not remember the price, but I remember it was way too low. I guess she was nice because I was the one who was trying to get her work done in this project. I framed this beautiful artwork in a target frame and you know what? No one has ever commented on the frame, just the art of the gorge. The other piece is to the right of the bed. That was a gift from Emily to me. She got a piece of art for each of us at Christmas last year and I LOVE it. I happen to know that this frame comes from IKEA. haha … runs in the company.

Bowser Bedroom Lores 27

Before we go into the cupboard for a moment, I want to touch the floors, because I complained a lot about it in yesterday's intro post. To catch up quickly, the house originally had three different floor types. This room was a rug that looked like it was "prepared" for a horror Netflix original movie. We quickly chose this black hex because it was the only thing I did not hate. As the tile was black, we became dark with the wood floor stain everywhere (including the cupboard there), so everything blended seamlessly. It turned out okay.

For a long time we did not have a rug in our bedroom, so it was a bit chilly, but now that there is a rug, I do not realize it too much and I think it's worth being closer to the floor. I say that now and with conviction: Dark floors are NOT for the faint of heart, especially if you have the most magical white cat. I suck every day. Everyone. Single. Day. I wipe once a week and the only time the floor looks really clean is the fifteen minutes after I've wrung the mop. However, it is fine, as with everything, to know only your threshold. Your threshold for cleaning and your health threshold with good enough. I am one of those people who is both strange. I'm a clean freak who also says, "Meh, it's alright, I tried." Thankfully, vacuuming takes 863 square feet … 6 minutes? Invest in one Dyson, Nevertheless, I really like how my abundance of brown vintage wooden furniture falls off the dark floors and ultimately chooses nothing else for me. Do not say that I did not warn you.

Bowser bedroom stories 29

Buy the look: Chests | perfume shell | Filzboxen (top of the cupboard) | carpet

Bowser bedroom stories 28

If you remember the intro, this room originally had two closets. We stole the larger ones to determine the actual size of the room, and have focused this little walk-in job on my crazy org skills for my husband and myself. We brought in different heights MALM dressers from IKEA (the white helps to "mix" them into the wall), then it was about maximizing the remaining space with a shoe rack and overhead (leaving enough space for two cats).

Bowser Bedroom Lores 30

I found the larger hanging mirror Sunbeam Vintage on Figueroa and the smaller one on the dresser is vintage Taylor + Taylor Stock sale.

Bowser Bedroom Lores 38

And that's it! Puck is here kick Lead you out of the room. Come back to a tutorial on bed home improvement today if you think you can muster the courage to do it yourself (I promise it's easy) and stay tuned for the smallest bathroom Reno World appears in a blog near you.

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