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My client built a retirement home in a warmer city in another province. The challenge was that she was not there every day to make sure everything went to her specifications.

Recently, her contractor had installed the roof in the wrong color (which I assured her she could keep, as it did not affect the attractiveness of her home in any way).

Halfway through the construction phase (when her builder called for decisions) she flew to me to consult with me. The colors did not match, the kitchen was ugly. We spend a lot of money and do not want to make mistakes. "

She arrived with this stone she considered for the exterior:

How is it for you? Is it obvious? Does the undertone jump on you?

My client saw pink in it and did not love it. But that's because their builder painted a green-gray pattern (Thunder on the right).

I also added Edgecomb Gray (a lighter green gray) on the left so you could see it was not a greenish gray.

But was it pink? I immediately pulled out my big curated samples and placed the pink beige samples behind the stone:

What is the undertone? New build stone


Now it looks like it could be taupe, right? That is what I said. Especially if you compare it with pink beige.

So I pulled out my taupe patterns (see below):

By now she was away from the whole stone. She did not want a pink or taupe stone. However, if you look again, it is not quite taupe, right?

It's getting much closer, but now we see purple, right?

Look at how well it matches the violet-gray patterns in my color specification system (above).

Now let's also place my color wheel "Understanding Undertones" on the stone:

So here is the thing. Many of you already have this color wheel (if you do not have it, you can get it here for free – you only pay shipping costs).

That's exactly how it works.

Note that I have added the color chips. This is what you need to do to make it absolutely accurate (since the printing process is never). All color chip names and numbers for 4 color companies are located here on the destination side of the color wheel.

Waiting. There's another taupe that's a little less pink than Cedar Key and that's Pale Oak. Let's compare Pale Oak and Collingwood again, but this time together:

They both look like they could work.

And often this happens when you move the color wheel on different fabrics and surfaces in your home.

This means that you pull both sets of samples from each note to see which one is perfect.

The difference between "meh" and "perfect" is easy to see if you have a large sample.

In that case, I would test them both outside your stucco, if that was the stone you installed in your house.

If you use taupe orange stone (as they often do in the following), you want the right taupe for your home (and not the fake green-gray that makes it look close, but not quite perfect).

Then you would also ask, is the white on this house right? Was the blue-gray stone on the foundation and sidewalk the right choice?

Testing is important

Did you get that? Never assume that you have understood it, especially if you are still studying and training your eyes on what to see.

Did not we narrow down the colors quickly?

And just use colors from my curated color system, which you can buy here.

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What you will learn Maria Killam's masterclass for choosing the exterior color

In Module 4 you will learn what color white this house should have in order to achieve a better match with the stone (see below). Module 6 tells you if this should have been specified. And in Module 8, we're going to talk about balancing the bleed color (which is a common mistake people make).

The creativity exchange

I will also teach you about the color of the concrete and we will talk about whether pink beige steps were the right choice:

Joseph Bosco

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New master class for the selection of exterior colors

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PS. What did my customer choose in the end? She brought two more samples and we sat down on the white stone (left):

Did you use my color wheel and do you have questions? Send me an e-mail here with photos taken in good natural light without a flash, to be considered for an Ask Maria post.

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