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The question was asked, "Why do some guys just go and leave?"

Why does Ghosting hurt?

The friendship is okay, maybe you have one or two Tiffs, but nothing that could trigger an alarm. Men work, but are socialized to keep the emotional stuff in their heads, never talked about it, it does not even have to be about the relationship, but instead of talking about it, he distances himself from the person for whom he is most vulnerable Suddenly he goes back and forth without saying a word about the situation. Women are confused by this behavior and are looking for answers. Mostly her thoughts are something that is wrong with her. For the most part, this interferes with any future relationship or interaction she will have with another man she cares about.

Some of us are better communicators than others, but because of our way of articulating, we are not very expressive in our feelings, we always play ball and fight each other, we fill everything inside and we are sure that it can be attractive if we are very quiet There are situations in which feelings have to be expressed. Most men are not very good at expressing feelings, and that's just the facts.

Gregg Henrique's PhD made this very clear in an article he wrote: "A recent clinical encounter has reminded me how many modern men are experiencing their feelings and needs, and how this can negatively affect their relationship quality. I have seen how this theme unfolds in many different pairs in a similar way. "His article shows the dynamics that are at stake. Here the question still remains, why does ghosting injured?

What I essentially say is that the reasons for leaving are different, but it is the way we communicate that makes it difficult for the other individual to reconcile behavior. We were raised to keep our feelings alive. We have been raised to believe that showing feelings and expressing oneself is a sign of weakness. So instead of showing our vulnerability, we drive down and walk away.

Men are indeed hunters, and although this may change, it still applies to men compared to women. There are exceptions, of course, but most of us are hunters. If the hunter conquers his prey, he wants to be fed by what attracted him to the beast in the first place. If he is fed and his appetite is satisfied, most will be bored and move on to the next prayer. It takes considerable effort and knowledge to break this cycle.

Why does Ghosting hurt?

Take the time to enjoy your husband, do not try to change him, and do not blame yourself if it turns out you are not his preferred prey, study him, you know what makes him interesting , An understanding of your husband can reduce the anxiety you feel when trying to find out about books, magazines and friends who have no idea about your husband, maybe your husband, about him, because men differ in what they do Deciding on someone's worth It's worth it, you may not be able to tame the beast, but you can tell that you're worth the hunt, and this man might just want to be there for the long-distance function of the relationship. If you ask a man to speak, express himself, and nag him that he is more attentive to you, it becomes a red flag for him.

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So no, men do not feel uncomfortable. Rather, many are trapped within the bounds of a socialization process that tells them that it is unmanly to cry, hurt, or express the innumerable other emotions that we all experience when we live completely as human beings.

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