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Pink Safari Cocktail Punch - bridal shower drink

Here is a closer look at the typical drinks from my Glam Safari Bridal Shower theme "Wild About You". All 3 are delicious and thanks just to whip Aromatic mixer from Master of Mixes!

Master of Mixes single stage mixer

You may notice that I have given some of these drinks playful names to suit them with the theme and the occasion. Creative names are always a fun way to personalize your party drinks!

Do not forget to cool your ingredients 24 hours before the party. Just a little reminder. 😉

Pink Safari Party Punch

Pink Safari Cocktail

Add ingredients to a beverage dispenser and mix well. Garnish with frozen strawberries and sliced ​​peaches.
*I use this,

Note: Using frozen fruit for garnish helps keep the punch cold without diluting it! I used two bags of peaches and a bag of strawberries.

Espresso martinis

Espresso martinis

  • Master of blends espresso mixer (Part 1)
  • Coffee liqueur (1 part)
  • Vodka (1 part)

Mix chilled ingredients in a jug of ice. Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate chips just before serving.

Note: Although I love a well-shaken martini, it is not always realistic to go that route if you have to do several at a time. I mixed them in a jar in big-batch style and then poured them into disposable jars. For larger groups it is advisable to have a second pitcher ready to cool it in the fridge. makes it easy to pour or refill more if you have to!

Espresso martinis - safari drinks

It is always a good idea to make one of your typical drinks non-alcoholic. You can even do this with something that sounds like a mojito and is inspired by a "classic cocktail"!

Sparkling mojito mocktail punch

Mojito love Mocktail

  • Master of blends Mojito mixer (1 bottle)
  • Club soda (1 liter)
  • Lemon and lime soda (1 to 2 liters *)
  • ice cream

Add ingredients to a beverage dispenser and mix well. Garnish with plenty of lime slices and mint leaves.

Note: The amount of lemonade you use depends on your personal taste (and how much space is in your beverage dispenser!). And of course you can also swap the club soda for white rum to make a cocktail punch. 😉

More creative inspiration

If you have not yet checked out the complete Glam Safari Drink Station, click here to go there now! You'll find 5 tips to bring ANY creative drink station to life + free "Wild About You" print templates for this theme.

Glam Safari Bridal Shower drink station

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