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Have you ever encountered a beautiful tree on your travels and took a photo of it? I did that with the beauty years ago Ginkgo "Autumn Gold" and I have kept an eye on it ever since.

What impressed me about this tree was not exactly the tree … it was the ground under the tree, I have never seen a tree where all the leaves fall off at the same time leaving a beautiful golden pond underneath. I just wanted to run over and jump into the piles of leaves … it was so inviting!

After doing some research, I learned that Ginkgo biloba is also known as girls hair Tree. It is a slow-growing, long-lived upright tree "… one of the most striking and beautiful of all deciduous trees." I am pleased to tell you all about this beautiful, unique tree.

Ginkgo Autumn Gold Maidenhair Tree
My ginkgo "Autumn Gold" (left) is very young. I am patiently waiting for the beautiful autumn leaves and the dramatic "leaf fall" (in a few years).

And yes … of course I have a gehöhlt and bought 🙂

Pictured above: Ginkgo "Autumn Gold" at Fuzhou People's Park, Ishibashi, Japan

Main features of "Autumn Gold"

  • Ginkgo Chinese means "white nuts" or "silvery fruit", Biloba means "two-lobed"
  • Hardy in zones 4-9
  • 40-50 feet high x 25-30 feet wide
  • Full sun
  • Known for its exceptional golden color in autumn
  • Very drought tolerant once made
  • Initially upright growth form, which changes with age to a wider silhouette
  • You can even Buy the Ginkgo Autumn Gold online (Yay)
Ginkgo Autumn Gold glows yellow

Would you like to know more about the ginkgo? Read on to get some amazing facts and statistics about this beautiful tree.

Ginkgo is a living fossil

Ginkgo Fossil

The gingko tree is a living fossil, The earliest found fan-shaped leaf fossils are from 270 million years ago, It is the only surviving member of a group of ancient plants that scientists believe have grown millions of years ago. The ginkgo rediscovered in China in 1691 was brought to the USA at the end of the 18th century.

Ginkgo is the most common known for its medical uses in the whole world. Throughout the world, the seeds and leaves of ginkgo continue to be used to improve memory and cure other diseases.

Ginkgo is very tolerant of harsh conditions and pests

Road lined with ginkgo autumn gold
Ginkgo Autumn Gold is a great roadside tree that can handle the pollution and salt of the soil.

The ginkgo "Autumn Gold" is rarely hit by insects or diseases and is easy to clean and elegant. Ginkgo 'Autumn Gold' tolerates urban pollution and soil salt and is ideal as a street tree. It works well on lawns and even in confined spaces.

The variety "Autumn Gold" is a male tree variety. This means it does not produce untidy fruits that you have to clean up.

When warding off most Harmful diseases can fall victim to ginkgos Oleander leaf scorch disease, This can hinder the growth of the tree and ultimately lead to the death of the tree. In the early stages, you will notice a sporadic yellowing of whole branches. There does not seem to be any cure, so you would have to remove the tree.

Apart from oleander leaf scorch, it is generally considered pest-free.

Ginkgo "Autumn Gold" is growing very slowly

Ginkgo autumn gold forest
Ginkgo Grove at the State Arboretum of Virginia

A disadvantage of Ginkgo "Autumn Gold" is that it will grow extremely slowly for several years after planting. In recent years, the tree will grow only about 1 foot per year. You should not expect much growth in the first 2-3 years.

After establishment (can take up to 10 years) becomes the tree grow fast from about 12 feet per year until reaching full height.

"Autumn Gold" is named after its bright yellow foliage

Ginkgo Autumn Gold Blazing yellow foliage
The bright yellow foliage of Ginkgo Autumn Gold is beautiful when backlit by the sun.

In autumn, the fan-shaped leaves of the ginkgo even golden yellow. This tree looks spectacular in backlight sun in the early morning or late afternoon. Due to the open branch structure you will see more colors and dazzling shades on "Autumn Gold" than on other ginkgo varieties.

"Autumn Gold" drops its leaves quickly, leaving a yellow footprint

Ceiling of Ginkgo Autumn Gold Leaves
Ceiling of Ginkgo Autumn Gold Leaves

After several weeks of persistence, the yellow Leaves fall off quickly and form a golden carpet around the tree. It is a truly unique and spectacular sight that initially attracted me to this tree.

The special thing about this tree is that the leaves, when they fall, all fall at the same time! The fallen leaves cover the floor with a golden ceiling. What's great is that you can enjoy the ad for a few days Rake them all at once (my way of maintenance)! Do not forget to jump a few times for me!

"Autumn Gold" is a male strain of ginkgo that does not produce stinking fruits

Ginkgo Fruit Close

Nuts contained in flesh of female trees are regarded by Asians as a delicacy and food for a long life. But, Ginkgo seeds are poisonous and should not be eaten in raw or roasted forms. The seeds can be made relatively safe through proper preparation, but it is best to play it safe and not eat the seeds.

The Messy, stinking fruits produced by female varieties of the ginkgo tree can actually be quite a nuisance. Fortunately, Gingko's "Autumn Gold" is ALWAYS male … meaning it will not produce fruit,

The disadvantage of male Ginkgo biloba trees is that they are Very allergic, you have one OPALS Allergy Scales Score of 7 (out of 10), while female trees that can not produce pollen have an OPALS allergy score of 2.

The best kept secrets of Ginkgo Autumn Gold
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Wrap up

Overall, I like the beautiful, ancient ginkgo or Maidenhair tree very much. "Autumn Gold" is a non-bearded male variety with fan-shaped leaves. In autumn, the leaves fall off quickly and form a golden carpet under the canopy.

The Ginkgo Autumn Gold is resistant to harsh conditions and is quite pest and disease resistant. However, males such as this ginkgo tend to produce more pollen than females. The ginkgo autumn gold grows very slowly in the first years. Thereafter, the growth will recover!

I am patiently waiting for the growth of my beautiful tree, as it is in the first years of its life. If you are as patient as I am, this tree could be a beautiful and easy-care choice. Ginkgo "Autumn Gold" is an autumn centerpiece in the landscape and a gift to future generations.

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