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I'm sitting in a model of Parade of Homes, not as an agent to sell, but just to hang out while my photographer takes photos of my staging work. When I'm sitting here, I have time to actually look around and pick up things that I would not normally see when I'm flying around putting up the beds and staging the house. IMG_1662

I had to think that the people who come to see the parade models are the same, not that they are staging and working, but there is so much to see! The beautiful decor, the exquisite architectural features and at the same time the attempt to make no eye contact with the contractor or broker in order to make a sales pitch possible, ha.

But I have to say, look around … really look around you. If you have ideas for renovating your home, updating your home, or building a home, be sure to pay attention.

What are the paint colors? Light? Dark? Is every room painted in a different color, or is it basically the same?


What about the floors? Where are there Hardwoods? carpet? LVT or tile? What is the Color the color the hardwoods.


I think to shine are so important in a home and can make such a difference, whether they sell or live. Take a close look at their size, style and finish.


If you want to get to know the nuances of the decor, now is the perfect time! How did you make a room so cozy and at the same time perhaps elegant?


You may be wondering why I'm interested? Well, I'm convinced that, no matter how old, your house can look like a show house when you sell it. Things can be up to date, in good condition, light and bright and tempting for all who enter.

The parade of homes in Minneapolis lasts until September 29, 2019, and you can check out this special house in Plymouth at Parade # 251.

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