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I like getting insights and hearing other designers designing their quilts … and I'm a quilt designer! I know what matters! And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone with that … right? So I thought I was going to tell something about my design process while creating the origami quilt pattern.

The design process

The inspiration for quilt designs can come from an infinite number of sources. For my origami blanket, inspiration began with a blanket for my mother-in-law and the fabrics she had bought in Japan so I could use them.

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The fabrics lay on a pile for quite a while, as I stared blankly at them for weeks, wondering what to do with them, so that the beautiful, but busy prints work together. Until dinner, when my husband suggested that they looked a bit like origami paper, and maybe I could do something like that.


… origami paper … with this small folded corner used on packaging to show what prints are on the back of the paper … and I could use one or two tsuru blocks to create the origami paperwork of the design to highlight … and we were gone! I found some Japanese paper pictures online that could stand as representatives of the fabric and put them inside EQ8, used some coordinating prints as a contrast and we had a winner.

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<p>This is my first model in EQ8; the first iteration of origami. The final quilt design for the pattern has been slightly changed, especially to use the base paper crane as an optional block. But I loved the sketch, it was fun and inspiring, and luckily it loved my mother too, so she was full of energy.</p>
<p>I love the way EQ8 makes designing quilts and playing with fabric placement and block design! If you would like to use EQ8 to design your quilts, use the code <strong>EQ8ALYCE</strong> 20% discount on your order <a target=Electric quilt, This includes the EQ8 software – bargains! Then check out my free EQ8 project file downloads to familiarize yourself with designing quilts.

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<h3>The tissue</h3>
<p>So here's how to design quilt patterns – choosing the fabric for your pattern is a big decision. It is the colors and prints that will sell your pattern, and you want to think carefully about which fabrics to choose for the quilt. Do you want up-to-date, available fabrics that may be able to incorporate stores and / or reproduce customers? Do you want to use solid fabrics so that the cover is not that fast? What types of fabrics are you and your brand?</p>
<p>For Origami it all boils down to the fact that while I was doing a version for Mama, her quilt is not the prime example I put on the envelope of the pattern. I needed fabrics that were more modern and "me", but that worked well for a "show-off-prints" design like origami. Nice, rich colors in funny prints.</p>
<p>Having worked with Art Gallery Fabrics before and appreciated the use of colors and beautiful prints for a long time, I inquired about my origami quilt pattern for the cover quilt and asked if they would be interested in working with me. You said yes, and we chose her Selva range – she has these beautiful, jeweled, saturated colors with coral bangs (hello!) And navy blue and those super funny jungle prints that stand out.</p>
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