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You know How much is the post of 2020/2021? cost ?, I guess, no. That's the main reason why you're here.
I show you the updated price of booking for the post for 2020/2021. Things needed for registration, tips and the price to pay.

How much is Jamb form for Jamb 2020/2021 registry

In 2018, the application form was five thousand five hundred naira (5,500 or more). The shape of the Jamb 2019 was very different.
How much is post shape

Guess it went down. The President of Nigeria at the time of writing this article, it reduces.
As I said, it was five thousand five hundred naira (5,500 euros). It was reduced to three thousand five hundred naira (₦ 3,500).

Therefore, the costs for the post from 2020/2021 are official Three thousand five hundred naira, Although it can be higher in some places in Nigeria.

It should be in the range of three thousand five hundred naira and four thousand naira.

I hope you know the price of the post 2020/2021? I think so.
Many thanks to President Muhammadu Buhari for the reduction. This has really helped many aspiring candidates who are not financially stable.

Jamb 2020/2021

Things you need to register Jamb 2020

I would like to list what you need when registering Jamb 2020/2021.

  1. Your personal email address (Gmail is recommended, not Yahoo, AOL, etc.).
  2. Jamb Registration E-Pin (The ones you bought from the bank).
  3. post profile code,
  4. Money for the registration.
  5. Finger for thumb pressure and face for recording.
  6. O-level results (WAEC, NECO, GCE, etc.). Take one or two.
  7. Personal data such as full name, date of birth, country of origin. Address, gender, marital status, disability, source government.
  8. Jamb 2020 password (Create an easy-to-remember password).
  9. State and location of the post exam.
  10. Right Jamb combination for the desired course.
  11. Choice of facilities and course you would like to study. 1st choice (University). 2nd choice (University or University of Applied Sciences). 3rd choice (University of Applied Sciences). 4th choice (Innovative Institution)

Total amount spent to register Jamb 2020/2021

You need to know how much money you will spend overall to register for the Jamb 2020.

  • Profile code for the post 2020/2021 = Fifty Naira (₦ 50).
  • Price for Jamb E-Pin = three thousand five hundred Naira (₦ 3500).
  • Bank charges = two hundred to five hundred Naira (₦ 200 – ₦ 500).
  • Cbt Center Fairy = Seven Hundred Naira (₦ 700).
  • Prize of the Jamb 2020/2021 novel in English (Sweet Sixteen) = Free. Note : It can cost Five hundred naira in some places in Nigeria.

The total amount that must be spent if the novel is free is between 4,550 and 4,850 euros. Four thousand five hundred and fifty naira and four thousand eight hundred fifty naira.

If you bought the novel Jamb 2020/2021 for 500 Naira. It will yield a total of about five thousand naira (5,000 euros).

All the money you should spend should be between 4,000 and 5,000 euros. Four thousand naira and five thousand naira.

Important tips for registering Jamb 2020/2021

  1. The form for the Jamb 2020/2021 is online and not offline (hardcopy).
  2. You must register in an accredited cbt center. Some cbt centers have been disqualified, please note this. Do not register in a computer café.
  3. The cbt Center will provide you with a curriculum, a booklet and a novel. This is done after registration.
  4. Take enough money with you. At least five thousand naira will be fine for the form.
  5. Know your personal information before you leave home. Date of birth, address, country of origin, country of origin, etc.
  6. Take your O-level results (waec, neco or gce) with you. You can take one or two, depending on the course, choice of institution, etc. Do not click on it, it will be caught or scanned in the cbt center.
  7. Make sure you use the right combination of subjects for your course. Also make sure that the institution you have selected offers the course.
  8. Be vigilant when registering. Let your eyes be as sharp as cat's eyes. Make sure all registered data is correct.
  9. The bank receipt must be picked up by you. Do not leave it at the bank, it's a proof of payment.
  10. You can not register for a jamb without a profile code. Create one above all else.
  11. The e-mail address is very important. If there is one problem, it will spoil everything. I advise you to use Gmail, not Yahoo. I repeat, use a Gamba account email address for the Jamb registration.
  12. Get your utme registration voucher from the person you registered with the cbt center. It is very important to you. It briefly contains your dates for the exam.
  13. You will receive a message from jamb to your e-mail address. It contains your post document in PDF format. If you have not received a message from jamb, do not worry as long as you have your registration form for jamb with you.

Is Jamb form for 2020 candidates

No, the registration has not started yet.
If the board decides and releases it.

You will be notified (only if you log in).
Registration should begin and end in December.
It can also start in the first week of January 2020.

Exam date for Jamb 2020

There are no details of the exam date for 2020 candidates.
However, after registering and re-printing your utme receipt, you know when you will be writing your exam.
I will also do my best to update this post until the exam date and other necessary details have been released by the board.
Just keep checking this post.

When is Utme Form closing for 2020 candidates

At the time of writing this article there is no specific date for registration.
If you are looking for when the registration form expires.
The closing date and start date will be added to this post if the board so decides.

Conclusion on the price of the Jamb Form 2020

This article has explained in detail what you need to know about the registration price for posts.

The image of the post form, the closing date or the deadline and the start date are now clear to you.
I think you know by now how much post shape is for 2020 candidates.
Banks that sell Jamb E-Pin or Form 2020 are: Polaris Bank, Union Bank, First Bank, Access Bank, etc.

The registration form for the Jamb 2020/2021 is not really expensive. It is cheaper and more affordable. It's not as expensive as waec, neco or gce.

Please note all important registration tips for utme 2020/2021 listed above. Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions about this post.
After you know the price for utme 2020/2021, do you want others to know? Yes, I'm sure you want other Jamb candidates to know.
To do so, use the sharing buttons below and above this post to release it. Do not forget to sign up to receive up-to-date information about your email address.

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