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I've been a fan of line art for a few years now, framing a simple line art for the wall in this bathroom remodeling.

Line drawings or line drawings are images that are created with free-flowing, curved lines against a simple background and represent two- or three-dimensional objects without gradations in shade or hue. Line drawings are usually monochrome. It emphasizes form and outline over color and shading, and tends to be realistic, but it can also be a caricature or a caricature.

I attended some art classes at my local junior college, but never officially trained as an artist. But I really love to do art! I am much happier with digitally creating graphics and wanted to experiment with creating line art. So I scanned my own cyanotypes and traced the image with the tools in Adobe Illustrator.

I cleaned up the borders in Photoshop with the brush tools and gave it a cream background.

This is what my line drawing looks like in a frame, not bad for the first try!

If you are interested in adding a line drawing to your home, I recommend that you take a really nice black pencil and start sketching! If you want to buy a simple line drawing, look at these shops on Etsy, which offer a variety of themes.

Sources for line art on Etsy

Poppy from Opposite wall

Woman sketch of Blek Design

Minimalist Botanicals of KiwinBerries

Abstract cat over Liv Deco

Standard dancers from Pixels are perfect

wife of Various company

Olive tree of Arte Print

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