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Last week, 26,000 marketersFrom around the world, agencies, vendors and business owners gathered in Boston, MA for the annual mega conference of leading hub automation company HubSpot. INCOMING,

For the third year in a row, yours really was the The number one with the highest impact and the highest economic value on Twitter, I also do not like "my own horn", right? Nevertheless, it starts. I'm delighted with this achievement because I know that my community puts a lot of emphasis on the content, which I carefully curate and create across my social channels, as well as live tweets in multiple sessions!

Congratulations to the top ten with the highest impact and the highest "economic value" # INBOUND19! Statistics about TweetBinder

Congratulations to our ten most important influencers / contributors to # INBOUND19!

  1. @MariSmith
  2. @RyanFoland
  3. @HubSpot
  4. @LarryKim
  6. @Hootsuite
  7. @KatieCouric
  8. @CardozaGab
  9. @Dharmesh
  10. @JeffSheehan

Statistics by Tweetbinder. The full report can be found here, Other statistics in the Tweetbinder report are the most active, original, popular, popular and popular tweets and more!

See also statistics from NodeXL. Metricool, and Trust Insights With Talk Walker Dates.

The Future of Facebook by Mari Smith

That was My fifth year in a row, when I ran a crowded Facebook marketing session. And this year was really my favorite event. It gets better every year. I've spent a lot of time Monday through Friday to enjoy some of the keynotes and some breakout sessions.

If you want to access my megadia deck # INBOUND19, just jump to mine Facebook site and send me the event hashtag. 😉

Some # INBOUND19 highlights!

If you do not follow the ingenious work of Dan Pink, you should definitely try it!
I liked the opportunity to see my longtime friend David Meerman Scott say # INBOUND19 and how exciting he and his daughter Reiko have come up with a new book in 2020, Fanokratie!
I think it's great that Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian used his keynote address at # INBOUND19 to really bring home the crucial importance of paid maternity and paternity leave.
Rachel Botsman is one of my favorite speakers. She and I shared the stage at the annual Women Presidents Organization (WPO) event last year.

In addition, I have organized several social events in collaboration with my clients, It's an honor for me in the last 2.5. To be the Chief Brand Ambassador of Years.'s offices are literally across from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

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PLUS, join our two dynamic groups on Facebook:

A group of invited only VIPs gathered for dinner at Morton's Steakhouse on Wednesday night for dinner. (Our friend Brian Wallace, has streamed our discussion on LinkedIn Live about where we feel most challenged when creating and marketing videos.) A larger group met in the offices of to create a mixer and my "Facebook Marketing Makeovers with Mari!" Mixer with Facebook Marketing Makeovers with Mari Smith

Enjoy these powerful # INBOUND19 Keynotes from HubSpot co-founders!

INBOUND19: A new disruptor type | Brian Halligan

INBOUND19: Face Fears: Grow Better with More Courage | Dharmesh Shah

Take a look at these great # INBOUND19 summaries of our friends:

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