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Do you remember when we bought an entire album from an artist? If you do not remember, just roll with me. (And stop feeling so old!)

Some of my albums – both vinyl and CD – are collections of the most popular or popular songs. These are the artist's greatest hits. Well, today is a great day at Writers in the Storm!

Because here are the top 11 posts of all times written by our hosts. You will surely find one here that you want to click on – either because you have not seen this post yet, or because you want refreshment. Enjoy!

Organize your novel with Excel

Are you longing to "see your novel based on numbers?" If so, Laura DrakeThe organizing method of will change your life.

10 bits of stellar writing tips by J.R.R. Tolkien

Tolkien never expected his books to do more than trim the pile of rubbish. Here are some great tips from a man who wrote for pleasure and never gave up. Courtesy of Jenny Hansen,

4 secrets of a competition judge

Fae Rowen shares the secrets of a contest judge.

If you think your writing is shit

Julie Glover Share quotes from writing giants to keep you running when inevitable anxiety and self-doubt crop up.

Get to the bottom of their characters

Laura Drake Shares her notes from a workshop conducted by story-structure coach Michael Hague.

Escalate the tension in the story with Dirty Fighting

Increase your internal and external conflict with dirty fighting. What is it and why do you want your characters to do it? From Jenny Hansen,

8 easy ways for your characters to show love

Fae Rowen Shares eight easy ways, like characters – and real people! – be able to show their love.

Cadence – writer's glue

Laura Drake shows the importance of cadence and demonstrates with examples how you can use it to speed up writing.

10 Success Tips by J.K. Rowling

J.K. The 10 most successful tips from Rowling (for authors and non-authors). Compiled by Jenny Hansen,

4 simple changes that improve your story flow

Julie Glover share 4 simple edits that you can make to invite the reader deeper into the story and make it more impactful.

Why you should write Flash Fiction

Laura Drake Provides a guide to writing Flash fiction with examples.

Do you have a favorite contribution to Writers in the Storm? What is your vote for a "biggest hit"?

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