Shanty Flip House episode 6 DIY

We teamed up with Caséta by Lutron to introduce you to this project. All opinions are our own.

We're back with another Shanty Flip House episode! As we approach the end of this renovation, we focus on adjusting the finish-out! After installation Caséta of Lutron We knew it was a feature we wanted to add in this flip house! We had the perfect project to integrate the Lamp Dimming Smart Plugs into the Corbel Light Sconces. As always, we share the free plans and instructions for the Corbel Light Sconces below! Just click on the link below to see the tutorial!

Caséta of Lutron

Caséta of Lutron is the smartest way to control all the lights, switches and fans in your home! You work with more smart home devices than any other lighting brand. We use ours with our Alexa and it's so great to be able to control everything with our voices!

Our favorite features

planning ability

One of our favorite features of the Caséta radio system is the ability to plan! When you are not on vacation, you can set the lighting to light up at different times of day to indicate that you are home. If you do not want to return to a dark home after work, you can also turn on the lights before you arrive!

Smartphone App

Everything can be controlled via the Lutron app on your smartphone. You can label, group, and create scenes for any device! It is wonderful!

Pico remote control

Each switch can also be controlled with the Pico remote control. You can switch your switch on or off and dimming with just the push of a button!

The project – Corbel wall sconce

In the master bedroom of the folding house is a niche that we have designed as a background for a bed. We had plans to wall the entire wall and build chandeliers to flank each side of the bed. With the exposed cables we knew that the Caséta Smart Plugs are perfect for this spot!

Draw a console on the 1 × 12

I used my miter saw to tear off the edge of the 1 × 12 and give me a square edge. These boards are often not square at the ends, so this is our first step for every piece of wood we use in a project. If you do not have a miter saw, you can use a jigsaw with a clamped piece of wood as a guide. As soon as I had a square edge, I released a console pattern. In the free plans you will find the measurements that I have used for my design.

Tracking the second console

I cut out the first console with my jigsaw and searched for the second console. I did that for all three consoles. Note: Use the first console as a template for the other two to make them all as similar as possible.

Channel cut in middle collar

I used my jigsaw to cut a channel in the middle of the collar so that the string could still run. Refer to the free plans for the exact dimensions of my cuts. The middle console now consists of two parts.

Apply wood glue to the back of the center console

I have applied wood glue to the back of the middle console parts.
Attaching the middle console

Then I put it on one of the other consoles and fastened it together with 1 1/4 "Brad nails, the front edges of the consoles should be flush.
Place the cable in the channel

I put the cable in the channel.

While the cord was still in the channel, I attached the remaining collar with 1 1/4 "brad nails and wood glue on top of the middle collar, the edges should be flush.

Cut the back plate

I measured and cut the back, cleat and side trim parts.
Attach the side trim parts

Using the back clamp as a spacer, I attached the 1 × 2 side panels with 1 1/4 "brad nails and wood glue The side panel should be flush with the back of the cleat DO NOT ATTACH THE REAR SIDE.
Attaching the upper trim part

I measured and cut the top trim. Then I attached it to the top of the console with 1 1/4 "Brad nails and wood glue, making sure to put your nails in the outer brackets and side trim parts to avoid hitting the cord.


Step 1 – Attach the clamp to the wall

Since we fixed the wall on which the brackets were to be fastened with board nails, we fixed them only with 2-inch nails. If we were to fix the consoles directly to the drywall, we would have used wall anchors to attach the cleat to the wall.

Step 2 – Attach the Corbel to the clamp

Once the cleat was attached to the wall, we slipped the cleat over the cleat and attached it to the cleat with 1 1/4 inch nails from the side trim on the cleat.

Step 3 – Connect the Lutron Lamp Dimming Smart Plug

The last step was to plug the Lamp Dimming Smart Plug into the socket and then plug the cable into the Smart Plug! So easy and now we can control the skylights with our voice and / or our smartphones!

That's a good idea!

Make sure you look at all products from Caséta of Lutron! They make smart light in your home easy and fun!

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