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Carnival, Visit Florida and Visit Wales are some of the travel brands that have been promoted Pinterest, The service for digital scrapbooking, however, has barely exhausted the budgets of the largest travel brands.

Pinterest, which was converted into a public limited company in April, is growing in popularity. About 300 million users worldwide have logged in at least monthly between April and June. This corresponded to an increase in users by 30 percent over the previous year, the company said.

Of this, 20.9 million users in the US actively dealt with travel content, the company said.

Lately, some well-known names have tested the water while traveling. Attachment A: Carnival is currently buying ads that are targeted when Pinterest users search for keywords most commonly used by newbies.

The move allowed Carnival to buy ads based on images, not text, and reach travelers who had not previously considered cruises.

Pinterest is trying to be more attractive to marketers. This year introduced the ability to target ads to subsets of users based on travel preferences for adventure, food, spa, culture or groups. This ability to address so-called travel agents could help seduce marketers. However, the names of the travel brands testing the offer have not yet been announced.


The visual cataloging service argues that the way people travel with it often differs from the way they search for travel online.

"There are not that many travel planning tools elsewhere," said Vikram Bhaskaran, head of vertical strategy. "We can fill this gap. People can exchange ideas via e-mail or share articles from print magazines. What sets us apart is that we make it easy to store ideas in boards and collaborate on boards. "

Travel news on Pinterest customers usually find in a receptive state of mind, said Bhaskaran. For example, if you enter a location on Pinterest, many of the pins that a consumer sees are recommendations for activities and accommodations. The reason? Most of the content on Pinterest comes from brands or is branded in nature. That makes it a friendly place for advertisers.

But many marketers still prefer Facebook and Instagram. That's because Facebook and its sister brand offer more promotional material. With a wider customer base, they also have more data.

In March, Instagram started making some people buy fashion items directly from their mobile app. However, neither of the two brands has announced plans to allow travel reservations in their apps.

New limits

"What we do not yet see – and what Pinterest honestly does not do as well as some other hotels – is that people do exactly what they are doing to plan their trip, such as booking a specific hotel or book their flights, "said Benjamin Silbermann, chairman, co-founder, president and CEO, during a conversation with investment analysts in August.

Ben Silbermann Co-Founder and CEO (Download) Evan Sharp, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

From left: CEO Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp, Chief Creative Officer, at Pinterest's San Francisco headquarters. Source: Pinterest

"A good opportunity for us, even if it is not yet in focus at the moment, is how we can throw people into the funnel," said Silbermann.

The company has taken the first steps in this direction. Pinterest has added the option that marketers can pay for advertising-related referrals to the website of a brand that end in transactions,

The company does not publicly disclose the cost of its advertisements. For the three months ended June 30, the average revenue was US $ 2.80 per US user. Marketers can bid based on conversions, traffic, or impressions on Pinterest auctions.

This average may make it cheaper for some audience types than others like Google and Facebook. But Pinterest is still lagging behind in some ways. For example, it debuted more than five years after it first offered a rice-specific product.

The company claimed to reach three out of every four thousand year old US women. His service often appeals to people who are looking for ideas for a wedding, a new house or a new baby. This audience may fill gaps in the media plans of some marketers.

Visit Florida, for example, and recently used Pinterest to reach Millennials using branded video. The mark was paid when a user clicked on their website or when a user viewed their video ads on Pinterest.

But millennial women are not the whole story, the company said.

"In the future, we will continue to expand into new markets and add new user types and use cases," said Bhaskaran.

Photo Credit: Pinterest claims that this is a cost-effective way to promote people who still need inspiration for their journey. Here you can see the Pinterest page of the Carnival Cruise Line. The company recently ran a visual cataloging service advertising campaign. Sean O & Neill / Skift

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