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Installing ceiling plant hooks

Two ways to install a ceiling hook for plants

There are a few different ways to install a ceiling hook on which a plant can be hung, but this contribution will cover two of them. The first method finds a bar, and the second method uses a toggle pin. However, do not be alarmed by the words "bar" or "gag". Both methods are very simple and require only a few tools. Continue reading for instructions on how to install a ceiling hook.

Accessories Required for the installation of a ceiling hook

Install a ceiling hook in a beam

Hanging a planting hook with a ceiling joist is the safest and safest method, especially if you plan to hang a heavy planter.


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Step 1

Decide where to install the hook. Grab the bolt finder to find a beam in this area. You have no ceiling finder. Try one of these 5 ways to find a ceiling detector without a ceiling detector. Do several passes to make sure you know exactly where the bar starts and ends and mark the area accordingly.

step 2

Drill a small pilot hole in the drywall and apply a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the size of the screw you are using.

Drill pilot hole

step 3

Hand screw the hook until it is flush with the drywall. (If it gets too difficult to turn, you can put a screwdriver in the hook to leverage it.)

Install ceiling hook in joist

Step 4

Hang up your flower box and pat yourself on the back so you can do a good job!

Install a ceiling hook with a toggle bolt

If you do not want to bother finding a joist or if there is no joist where you want to hang your equipment, you can use a toggle bolt with the hook. (Just make sure your plant is not heavier than the specified weight limit for your ceiling hook.) That sounds intimidating, but it's actually very simple!

What is a toggle bolt? A toggle pin is a bolt with "wings" that you hold closed to insert into a hole in the drywall. As soon as you are in the cavity wall, the wings will pop up again. They are ideal for use with ceiling hooks!

Dipper on


Step 1

Decide where to install the ceiling hook for your system and mark it with a pencil.

step 2

Make a small pilot hole in which you have just marked with a drill and a 1/8 "drill, if you accidentally hit a beam, you should return to the above first method, otherwise you must move to the left or right of the beam.

step 3

Using a 3/8 "drill bit, drill a larger hole in the drywall ceiling to secure the end of the thumbscrew.

Step 4

Keep the wings of the toggle bolt closed and carefully insert the bolt (hinge side first) into the hole in the drywall of the ceiling.

Dipper closed

After insertion, the wings open and secure the bolt in the drywall.

Mount ceiling hook with toggle screw

Step 5

Screw the booty hook onto the bolt and continue to screw until the hook touches the drywall. It is helpful to carefully pull the bolt down while tightening the hook so it does not turn.

Hooks flush mounted on the ceiling

Step 6

Hang up your flower box and you're done with this project!

I hope this tutorial gives you the confidence to install a ceiling hook in your own home!

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