These are the only things you need for your baby DIY

Shopping for your first baby is exciting, daunting and expensive!

The urge to shop is huge when you are pregnant and you can not be held responsible for having bought EVERYTHING. I certainly did. What I did in the fifth month of pregnancy was that I went online to the pregnancy shopping lists of many different people and basically made a bulk order of everything I needed. To be honest, I did a bit of OTT and looking back, I realize that I could have simplified my life a bit. That does not mean that you may not need all these things, only that it's worth the effort to just do the bare necessities and see how you handle the rest. Trust me, you can still shop when the baby comes! As Frankie has just become one, I feel like I'm in a good position to tell you what you need and what you should (maybe) skip. Continue reading.

Things that I bought and used

At the beginning I found one feeding pillows meaningful. After a while, however, I started to feed Frankie lying down, which was amazing (hello, little nap). Maybe you need one or not.

At first I used pieces of silver in sores nipples and also stuck hydrogels in the fridge and used it to relieve inflammation (I tried the kale, but found it not particularly useful).

I bought this pump what I needed and bought every day this Once I was in the studio full time.

I love the Como Tomo bottles (She took care of it right away, I just asked Ben to do it, because who wants a bottle when the nipple is right in front of you?).

I used these Floor Padbut I felt like they were producing a lot of waste! (These could be a good option instead).

Everyone loves a clean baby, and Frankie loved This soft cotton cloth,

I love to brush her hair with it soft hairbrushes, These are also a great gift for a baby!

We have that Ubbi diaper basketI did not think it was so necessary, but it turned out to be great (AND ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL) to trap odors.

I am all about the Wipe off water,

We just started that Angel care bath support in the bathtub after finishing only in the sink they hold.

I love the Ergo Baby Omni 360 (no need for a newborn insert).

My brother and his wife gave us theirs Doona stroller When they moved from NYC to Australia, it's awesome! It's small and folds into a car seat (approved in most countries except Australia). The only thing is that there is not much storage space.

Muslin, you need many of them and they are so versatile – feeding, wrapping, cleaning spilled material, etc.That was my favorite brand – They are tall and soft.

Things that I needed and that I did not originally buy

The Baby Björn Bouncer is great РI just jump with my foot when I have to write emails!

The Ikea Baby Gym was a godsend, it gave us half an hour here and there, which does not sound like much, but if you have a baby!

My first thing we loved? The Grobag.

We loved that Sleepyhead. I have the feeling that you do not even need a bassinet (not me).

Things I bought and did not use

Do you know what guys? I did not use it nipple cream Anyway (I bought sooo much!). I felt it was more important for my nips to dry off than to be oily or wet all day! I

I'm not a fan of Onesies with feet at all. Reason for that is? They seem to grow out of them sooooo fast because they are one of a kind. It seemed like every time I bought one, I hated Frankie because she grew out of it so quickly. Instead, I prefer long-sleeved tights.

The Snot suckers That everyone was interested (and I bought) was not my jam at all, I thought it only disturbed Frankie more than she does when she has a runny nose!

This will be controversial, but we do not use Baby Shampoo & Wash … I have bought it these (in large amounts). But I've read that these kinds of things can cause your baby's skin to dry out, and frankly, her skin is divine (after she left this crusty neonatal stage behind), so I did not feel the need.

I bought Freehand pump bra but never used (though my friend swears by them with 3 kids).

I bought Milk Storage Organizer but it just took up more space than was needed in the fridge. I've just put the milk in the freezer.

I did not use it nipple shields (although some women swear by them).

These Dairy products It seemed like a great idea, but I hated it!

We did not use this White Noise Machine that I bought.

Finally … a diaper bag! Everyone goes on and on about which one you need, but to be honest? I only have a mesh bag with zipper that contains diapers, shawls, a changing mat and a fresh outfit. I throw it in every bag I take, along with a muslin cloth to cover myself while feeding.

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