Pastor Jarrid Wilson tweeted about suicide before he tragically killed himself Christianity


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Pastor Jarrid Wilson had tweeted about suicide before tragically killing himself on Monday night.

On September 9, Pastor Wilson sent a series of tweets on suicide:

Loving Jesus does not always cure suicidal thoughts.
Loving Jesus does not always cure PTSD.
To love Jesus does not always cure fear.
But that does not mean that Jesus offers us no companionship or comfort. He ALWAYS does that.

He had then followed with another tweet:

"Love each other." What's easy is not always easy. What is simple does not always stop.

According to an earlier tweet on that day, he had also asked his followers to pray for the family of a Jesus-loving woman who also led her own life and for whom he led a funeral.

After the tweets, Pastor Wilson took his life the day before World Suicide Prevention Day. He was Associate Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside, California, and co-founder of Anthem of Hope, an organization that provides resources for people struggling with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

The news of Wilson's death was announced by Pastor Greg Laurie on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

"With deepest sadness and shock I have to report that @jarridwilson I was with the Lord last night, "wrote Laurie, Pastor of the Harvest Christian Fellowship." At a time like this, there are simply no words. "

Laurie continued, "Jarrid loved the Lord and had the heart of a servant, he was lively, positive, and always serving others." Jarrid also repeatedly engaged in depression and was very open to his ongoing struggles. The tragic Jarrid took his own life Jarrid came to Harvest 18 months ago as an Associate Pastor and had spoken to this subject several times on mental health issues.

"Jarrid and his wife Juli have set up a dating exchange to help people who are dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts known as 'Anthem of Hope'. Sometimes people think that as pastors or spiritual leaders, we are somehow superior to the pains and struggles of everyday people. Ultimately, pastors are just people who have to ask God every day for His help and strength.

"Over the years, I've found that people are talking about what they are most struggling with, a dark moment in a Christian's life can not undo what Christ has done for us on the cross, the Romans remind us, that "nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus." (Romans 8:39) In times like these, we need to remember that as Christians we do not live by explanations, but by promises what we do not know what we do not do. t know. We know that Jarrid has put his faith in Jesus Christ and we also know that he is in heaven now, standing on the promise of Revelation 21: 4, which reminds us that there is no more mourning, suffering or suffering in heaven death.

"Please keep the family of July and Jarrid in prayer The Harvest family has lost a bright light Pray for us while mourning together, if you or someone you know is fighting suicidal thoughts, ask for help. "

Wilson was only 30 years old. He is survived by his wife Juli and their two young sons Finch and Denham. ON GoFundMe fundraiser was set up to provide basic services and to support his family in such a short time.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, visit National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (USA) or National Suicide Prevention Alliance (UK).

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