One of my favorite tools for quickly creating audio slideshows Educational

Whether it's an open house, awards, or other school event, I'm often asked for a recommendation on how to quickly and easily create an audio slideshow. If the requirement does not require spoken words, my usual recommendation is to give it a try Sharalike,

Creating an audio slideshow on Sharalike is a simple 3-step process. First, import some pictures into your account. Second, arrange the images in the order in which they should appear. Third, choose a soundtrack. Sharalike will do the rest of the video production process for you. When your video is ready, you can view it on Sharalike, post it to the social media sites of your choice, and embed it in a blog post or website.

Sharalike can be used in your web browser, or you can use the free Android app or the free iOS app to create a video.

Watch my video embedded below to learn how easy it is to create a video Sharalike,

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