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How much does your family spend on food?

If you prefer, food is one of the three main expenses (the other two are accommodation and transportation). While this is a significant cost factor, when we look at these receipts, we'll probably find out how much the lunches and dinners picked up on the way home really cost us. Indeed, a survey revealed that families spend about 43% of their food budget eating out! One big reason we do that is because we're stressed out of work and take care of the kids. This not only damages our waist, but also our budget.

Frugal Foodie 101: How to cut your food bill

Here is the reality (at least for us). One, me I love being a foodie, We want healthy and delicious meals. Second, we have a life and we want to enjoy it, so we are not interested in meals that take a lot of time to prepare.

Although I love it very much, I am not prepared to cut my costs down by relying on cheap, highly processed and, in any case, not really filling dishes. I'd rather be cleverer with my expenses, so I enjoy my meals and Keep costs reasonable. Sounds impossible? It is not.

Let me show you how to reduce your food bill and make your meals more stress-free and delicious!

Tips for grocery shopping that you need to know

Let's start with the foundation of being a frugal gourmet – mastering grocery shopping. We used to go in and look for sales. We had bags of groceries that contained some extras that we did not want to take with us. At the weekend we realized that we had wasted food in the fridge because we did not use these fresh ingredients in time. Money down the drain. We now have a better way to shop.

Reward your business

Why do not we save some money, because we have to be in the supermarket anyway? Apps like iBotta and Fetch make trimming easier Grocery bill with just your phone. Before you shop, check if there are offers for items that you would pick up anyway. Add them to your list and scan your receipts for a discount!

Mind of a boss

If you look at your meals for the past month, you will probably find that certain dishes are always on the rise. This is not only normal, but also saves costs and time. As?

First, you can check if you can select ingredients that can be used in multiple dishes instead of just one. Former cook and now personal finance author Julien Saunders pointed out that successful restaurants shop with the idea of ​​mutual use.

Many fast-casual restaurants have a relatively low supply of different ingredients from which they can then prepare several dishes. (Think about how Chipotle can use the same items for tacos, burritos and bowls).

We've found that simply writing down a list of ordinary dishes with their ingredients can help us to procure food. We waste less, which is a profit for our purses.

Shopping in the season

If you eat seasonal, you can save a lot of money in the grocery stores, especially if you like organic shopping. If you look for products in the season, you will usually get a good amount at a fraction of the regular price. By the way, if you like to travel biologically but have a limited budget, Check this list to make sure you get a good deal and no overpriced hype,

Easy food preparation for busy parents

It may not sound exciting, but a great help for us to resist the temptation to order a delivery or pick up meals on the way home is the preparation of meals. And no, you do not You need to set up a calendar and plan carefully each meal you eat.

As meal planning on a storyteller, Jen Smith pointed out Preparing meals can be as complicated or as easy as you like, For us, preparing meals means taking a few minutes each weekend before the Sunday run to reflect on the three or four main courses we wish for dinner. Based on this information, we can then break it down by ingredients and create a grocery list that will allow me to turn it off in about 20 to 30 minutes.

When I get home, I roughly portion the ingredients into portions (with my reliable freezer bags). I can also chop some vegetables for dinner the next day. A small amount of preparation, but very handy if we have a busy night.

Learning the art of freezing and slow cooking

Another way to reduce waste as we complete these seasonal offers is to freeze and preserve our food.

Even if you focus only on freezing, you can easily stock up on vegetables and fruit. An important tool in your kitchen is a slow cooker (or instapot). When you're under time pressure, this is one of the easiest ways to get a meal together while hanging out with the kids on weekends. You can also prepare one or two meals in advance on Saturdays or Sundays if you are under time pressure in the evening. If you have something at home that you just need to heat up, it's easier to forego the last-minute meals.

Your attitude to be a frugal gourmet

Good food on a budget is an essential skill to not only make ends meet, but also to have less stress!

If you have a minute, use an app like mint to see how much you spend right now. Use these tips to determine how much you can save on your food. Then tell us which tips are best for you!

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