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How I healed myself by the power of intentionToday's blog is written by one of our experts Love Mentors®, Tamara Green, LCSW. Tamara is happily married and has been a psychotherapist for many years. In this very personal essay, she shows how simple spiritual practice helped her overcome a very serious medical problem. If you want to learn more about the power of intention, meditation, prayer, and other important tools for your love life and the cure of heartbreak, be sure to read Love in 90 days and the section on spiritual practices and healing.

I get the diagnosis

It was dark outside, one of those bony, gray days with 17 degrees. It was 11 days before Christmas and I drove to the Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, NY. Most of New York was still asleep when I went to the ambulance for sigmoidoscopy. This was a familiar place, because it was in this hospital in 2009 when my surgeon removed about seven lentil-sized cancers from my body.

The reason why I came back that day was that my regular gastroenterologist recommended a follow-up sigmoid to make sure everything was fine after the operation. I expected that everything would be fine. In fact, it was not like that. My doctor showed me the photo of another tumor, this time the size of a raisin. The doctor strongly advised me to return to the surgeon as soon as possible. I drove dejectedly, anxiously and overwhelmed home. My mood broke. As I sat alone in my living room, these words were buzzing around in my head, "I can not believe it will happen again." "I have to undergo another painful surgery." "Is it cancer?" The more I focused on these thoughts, the more angry and disappointed I became.

I wake up to the truth of who I really am

Then it hit me like lightning. I suddenly realized what I was doing. My mind was full of fear and became more and more negative. I immediately shot up from my chair and decided to get a handle on the situation. I would do exactly what I would command anyone else if he sought my advice. With pen and paper in hand, I wrote the following words: "I am happy and grateful that I healed now".

During all my years of study and research into the human mind and emotions, I know that I focus on what I believe in and what I experience. So I decided to practice again what I had preached to my client for psychotherapy and love mentoring for years. I chose one intention to heal for myself, without medical intervention.

The healing power of intention

Intentions are purposeful statements that express you in the present. Again and again, they are powerful and change the life. I say it like a mantra until I have no doubt that what I say will manifest as reality. My intention was: "I am happy and grateful that I am healed now." As I practiced this affirmation, I felt happy with a deep sense of gratitude.

During the first week, I worried or engaged in negative self-talk about my medical situation. Through purposeful practice I learned to notice the worries and doubts, let go of them and repeat my statement. Then one day I realized that I did not have to pay attention to my health problem. I let it go completely. My mind and body were at peace. Since I had no mental conflicts with my intention, the actual steps needed to achieve healing became clear: healing meditations, improving my diet, meeting with my energy healer, taking pictures of organic wheatgrass, and visualizing my preferred outcome.

Going forward a month and I'm in the surgeon's office. The stunned surgeon said, "I do not see anything, I know you have a photo that shows you have something there, but it's not there anymore." That was my miracle with the healing power of purpose!

Thank you, Tamara, for telling this personal story about the healing power of intention. Tamara continues to bless the world. It really is a gift for me and many others. And if you want a free session with Tamara by phone or Skype, please register here. It could change your life.

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