Highest paying jobs in Canada Visa

Employment opportunities and competitive pay

Before we look at the top jobs in Canada, we need to weigh why it's such a great job and why so many immigrants have decided to live and work in Canada. First of all, the need for skilled workers in Canada is obvious. Canada is the second largest country in the world, but the population is simply not big enough to provide the workforce with sufficient skilled labor. To address this issue, the Canadian government has turned to immigration with programs such as Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Programs. These programs speed up the application for visas for applicants who are tailored to the needs of the labor market.

In addition to a wealth of job opportunities, Canada has an attractive minimum wage. This means that many immigrants are encouraged to work in Canada as they are likely to earn more money for the same work as in their home country.

State-subsidized education and health care

In addition to competitive salaries, another attraction for immigrants coming to Canada to work there is free healthcare and education. In terms of health care, Canada is covered by the government until the age of 25, including prescription and non-prescription medicines. In addition, there are four of the top 20 universities in the world, so you can be sure your children have access to world-class education.

Top jobs in Canada

5. Nurses

Nurse in Canada

Since nurses are one of the most sought-after occupations in Canada, salary reflects this need. There is currently a program in New Brunswick that recruits nurses from abroad through the Nursing Resource Strategy. This is good news if you are a qualified nurse who wants to immigrate to Canada. An average salary of $ 74,000 is expected in this area.

4. Dentists

Dentist in Canada

Dentists in Canada earn an attractive average salary of $ 75,000 a year. Although the Government of Canada subsidizes healthcare, dental care is not affected. Because of this, those who work in this industry have a good salary in an industry that is largely privatized.

3. Miners / Oil and Gas Drills

Aerial view of coal mining

The mining and energy sector is one of the fastest growing industries in Canada and they have turned to immigration to find people who can take on these tasks. Those in the mining industry earn an average salary of $ 77,251 a year.

2. Lawyers

Justice button Canada flag

Although lawyers are one of the highest paid occupations in Canada, you may be subject to re-admission as an immigrant seeking to practice law in Canada. This is obviously because the nature of the law varies from country to country and you need to be able to practice the law according to Canadian standards. Lawyers in Canada receive an average salary of $ 135,000 per year.

1. Doctors / doctors

Doctors in Canada

As in most countries, medical professionals remain one of the highest paid positions due to the nature of this activity. As with attorneys, you can apply for re-registration as a physician or alternative practitioner when immigrating to Canada so that you can practice the medicine according to Canadian standards. Doctors earn an average salary of $ 150,000 a year.

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