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About a year before our 10th wedding anniversary, my husband and I dreamed of a solemn trip to Europe for a few days – just the two of us!

With four children and a full-time income, we knew we needed to get creative to fund this journey We first looked for the best ways to earn points for free flights.

After extensive research, we found that United Airlines offers the most return flights from the US to many cities in Europe for a round trip of 10,000 miles. That's far less than the corresponding cash rates for United flights and other airlines, and there are tons of ways to earn United miles. You can go to restaurants, shop at certain retailers, and even conduct surveys to earn free miles.

One of my favorite discoveries when collecting United miles is that you get 450 miles each time you plan and run a Walmart grocery pickup order.

I always fill my Walmart cart on my computer, but then I close the order about that United MileagePlus X App on my phone. I often do Walmart pickups once a week, which means I earn at least 450 miles a week!

We've combined several ways to earn United Miles, and within a year, both my husband and I were able to save over 60,000 miles each! The miles do not expire for 18 months, but each time I pick up another Walmart grocery store (or earn miles in a different way), the expiration date is postponed to 18 months after that date.

We are currently still saving miles from United Airlines, so we can pay several nights in a hotel on our trip to Europe!

Even if you do not have a high goal of flying to and from Europe, United miles can be redeemed for gift cards, rental cars, and more. And if you already make regular Walmart purchases, you can earn 450 miles each time!

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