Free Download: 30 Script fonts Design

Every designer likes to unpack a shiny new typeface. With this giveaway, we have a huge pleasure for you: not just a new, but 30!

The basis of any typography is the choice of font. The font creates the voice of your text, its character and personality. For designers who want to create vital and responsive designs, a well-stocked font menu is a must.

The most expressive and most characterful fonts are typefaces. The hand-drawn, handwritten and hand-painted qualities make them ideal for designs that shun the corporate gray of Helvetica.

This fantastic free download is provided by Powerful deals, The collection includes scripts that are ideal for branding, scripts that are great for imitating lettering, and scripts for communication. There are male and female scripts, traditional and contemporary scripts, elegant and grubby scripts. 30 different voices for expressive typography. Considering the variations in weight, style and slashes, you can download and enjoy over 65 font files.

In the download you will find: Alessandria, Andora, Anthasic, Aprillia, Aveline, Bender, Blendhes, Blusty, Fibonaccy journey, Fountain, Frutilla, Hadfield, Jelytta, Kitten, Lauren, Magnolia, Manyland, Matane, Milea, Monday bay, Pink, San sterdam, Santelia, Selima, Sophistica, spirit, sweet buttermilk, Sydnee, and Valerissa.

Download the following files.


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