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Diebold Nixdorf's Vice President of Service in the Americas, Chase Andrews, criticized some banks for their "very rigid" attitude towards the provider's AI-automated ATM functions.

Andrews tells FinTech futures how its software can prevent ATM malfunctions, but banks often do not want DN technicians to prescribe a fix without them knowing. Chase Andrews, vice president of service of DN in America

Instead, DN must call bank customers and leave them a ticket. This may take longer and may not resolve the problem in a timely manner.

"We already have the technology for a prescribed model," says Andrews. "Our biggest challenge we can overcome is to tell the bank that we have to provide our services if they have never seen a service event."

The other part of the challenge for DN is to convince the banks that a real-time service fix is ​​needed if nothing is wrong.

"The conversation usually takes place until there's a dispute and the bank says," Why do you want to wait for my ATM, it's not broken? "Andrews says." The point is, that's the way it is, then ask, when, and we'll have to & # 39; because we can not pinpoint exactly when. "

Compliance may also be included in the discussion, but according to Andrews, only if "banks do not understand". DN does not belong to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and therefore can not be verified. This means that compliance concerns are often due to a wrong concept.

DN admits that there is an old technology to replace when it comes to its ticket system, which will soon be distributed by "DN Sub". This is only part of the problem. The bigger part is redefining DN communication with banks.

"It's a follow-me industry, so nobody wants to be the guinea pig," says Andrews. "We need to find key customers who are ready to face the challenges of change, and today there are a few banks that are interested in doing so."

Andrews could not announce at this time who the banks were, but said that DN wants to achieve this new relationship by 2020.

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