While immigrants issue food stamps, the Californian districts sue the editions of the public Us Immigration

In the months since the Trump government announced rules for immigrants, which is expected "Public charge" Two Northern California districts saw a significant decline in their performance registrations.

Counties of San Francisco and Santa Clara reported that the use of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) by households with a migrant background decreased by 12.8% and 20%, respectively. San Francisco also said that Medicaid lowered immigrant household participation by 13.5 percent.

The counties cited the statistics in a Submission to the US District Court as evidence of "irreparable damage" due to pending public charges. Local officials tried to block the rules and called them "arbitrary," "moody," "irrational," and other unpleasant things.

Exaggeration is exaggerated. Despite claims that the administration pursues one
"Radical expansion" of the definition of a public tax, completely exempt from the new rules
Asylum seekers and refugees.

In fact, the rules are consistent with the spirit and letter of many years of public law. As FAIR states:

  • The ban on immigrants who could be publicly charged goes back to
    the days of colonial Massachusetts, and were first staged in the USA
    Immigration Act of 1882. The restrictions were tightened in 1952
    Immigration and Nationality Act, the current basis of immigration of the country
  • In 1996, Congress reaffirmed its desire to exclude those who are likely to
    become a public charge and point out that immigrants should arrive self-sufficient.

Today, however, almost half
All immigrant households have some form of public support (compared to 30
Percent of domestic households).

Bay Area bureaucrats are celebrating the immigrants' steps towards self-sufficiency
Loud screaming to maintain the case numbers. Americans are rightly worried about a
public help system that promotes reliance on handouts.

in the
An area where one out of every three people was born abroad, San Francisco and Santa
Clara officials say they must "
Spend additional resources on public relations and education so people do not stop
Access to services. "

This is a choice that the localities can make themselves
Expenditure. It is up to Washington to ensure and enforce reasonable immigration
Politics for this country.

Accurately identify those who are or would become a public
Under the new administrative rules, immigration is reasonably required
Accountants to consider in-kind benefits such as housing, food and
Healthcare (including diagnosed conditions requiring comprehensive medical care)
Treatment). Income levels and language skills are also taken into account.

In a time of growing governments
Claim, Americans are entitled to government policy that is responsible
Determine the Ultimate Reward: US Green Cards and Citizenship. It appears that
Some Bay Area immigrants have received the message.

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