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Less than three weeks after shots were fired at the immigration and customs control (ICE) offices in San Antonio, California "Targeted attack" the Associated press Report of a woman hurling a Molotov cocktail into the lobby of the US Citizenship and Immigration Bureau (USCIS) office in Oakland Park, Fla.

Law enforcement and government officials do not
I think they were coordinated, but they see the incidents as part of a worrying one

"Today's attack on one of our USCIS facilities with a Molotov cocktail is another example of the use of force rather than debate by those who reject the proper application of our immigration laws." has tweeted Acting Deputy USCIS Director Ken Cuccinelli after last Friday's incident.

Chris Combs, responsible FBI Special Agent, also saw it
The filming of last month's San Antonio was undoubtedly considered politically purposeful

"I do not think they know which floor the ICE office is on. The random firing of a building is not an act of protest but an act of violence." saidadding that it was "no question, a very targeted attack."

Although the events in the place were different, the
There are similarities to the means of attack and the specific objective. The violence was
addresses immigration-related issues in a time of increasing inflammation
Rhetoric. That no one was injured was a stroke of luck. Oh, and most media
The outlets have also ignored or ignored the individual incidents
as a collective pattern.

The latest Florida incident recorded for surveillance
Video, involved 35-year-old Cellicia Hunt, who was at the scene and detained
subsequently charged with malicious intent to: a
Government building by fire, after the AP.

However, little is known about its specific political motive
Associations, social media activities or other details that are common
arise after planned or possibly politically inspired attacks. For example,
There was no mention of what happened in Hunt on Tuesday
Appearance in a Ft. Lauderdale Federal Supreme Court.

No lawmakers, including the two Democratic members, the
represent the district in which the attack took place and where Hunt resided,
have commented. And no reporters have visited her.

Perhaps they are too busy to ignore the growing number of abuses to enforce immigration regulations in the past two months. Perhaps they are too focused on not reporting the equally disquieting criminal tendencies in the Protected Area district, which is located in the backyard of the country's capital.

Apart from some excellent reports from reporters for ABC and Fox's local subsidiaries, there was a national media blackout in Montgomery County, Maryland, regarding the crime of illegal immigrants. This week, the authorities in the Sanctuary County made their seventh arrest of an illegal alien because of rape or sexual assault – since July. Some of the attacks were so degenerate and violent that details could not be printed.

It is up to a reporter to report the facts
regardless of political implications or setbacks. If members of the
Choose the one side of one political problem in front of the other, the truth and transparency
will always lose.

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