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One of the biggest requests I've received since the announcement of our degree was: Can you suggest some places to read after you leave?? That's why I turned to our team to collect some recommendations and share details about where to find them she now that we close. Design * Sponge was special because of this great writing team. I hope you follow them on the following links (in addition to their suggestions of who else to follow) and continue to support them and their work as they progress. Today we have another very large and very special contribution in the works, so stay tuned at 12 o'clock. But until then, there are some wonderful sites and people we all love and follow, and we hope you do. Hoping this post will be a resource for anyone else out there looking for inspirational and meaningful design content, you're welcome to leave it Your Suggestions also in the comment section! xo, Grace

Photo above of Cotton & flax, by Laure Joliet, recorded in Jessica ComingoreWorkspace

Grace Bonney is the founder of Design * Sponge

Recommendations from Grace: These days, I'm mainly inspired by feeds about travel, nature, and aspiring photographers in different parts of the world. I regularly share them in our Instagram feed. Follow us there (link below) for a weekly dose of recommendations (as I can not fulfill all my recommendations here). Some of my favorites at the moment are:

  1. CRWN Mag: Such a expertly curated feed from talented black artists, creators, designers and creatives around the world.
  2. Woodlucker: I think Ann's work is amazing – and she's a lovely person.
  3. Chandan Mahimkar: I love Chandan's inspiring lettering.
  4. Jamie Okuma: Jamie is a talented artist and designer and her feed, along with many others, has introduced me to a lot of incredible indigenous artisans around the world.
  5. Morgan Harper Nichols: Inspiration + Motivation in abundance.
  6. Kate Blairstone: I love Kate's pattern and illustration work. It always makes me smile.
  7. Justina Blakeney: She is my leading figure in the design world. I feel like the community is always in good hands when Justina is around.
  8. Rebekah Taussig: I love Rebekah and all the beauty and honesty she shares online. It is a voice that follows and supports the design community.
  9. Shavonda Gardner: For all things, inspiration and design and home and fun. Shavonda is a must for those looking for a home with heart behind it.
  10. podcasts! Here are some of my favorites: All my relationships. 99% invisible, In the thick. Code switch. About being. Tell them, I am. Where should we start?,
  11. Magazines! Here are some of my favorites: New philosopher. Capital letter. slut. CRWN. Tom Tom. Frankie. Kazoo. World of interiors

Where to find grace: In our old design * Sponge feeds, I still share things on social media. You will find me at @design sponge on Instagram (where I am most common), Twitter. Facebook, and LinkedIn, But hopefully you'll see me around the world doing something off the screen for a while. And I'm still there E-mail at designsponge (at) gmail (dot) com.

Caitlin goblet is Design * Sponge's Relationship and Brand Director

Caitlin's recommendations: I recommend to all our readers to visit people and places in real life in their community. Or if a nearby city or neighborhood needs help, go there. take time to offline and personal. Read books, volunteer, visit the elderly and your neighbors. The internet will always be there, but some people and places will not. Share some of them with them.

Where to find Caitlin: I will hurl burger and feed my city and the surrounding area Town Run Tap House and Community Pub in beautiful Shepherdstown, WV.

Kristina Gill is the Food and Drink Editor of Design * Sponge

Kristina's recommendations:

I try to capture the food industry as fully as possible. In addition to the "mainstream" food pages, I follow it to learn more about other people who may not be traditionally covered on these pages. I have regularly visited these (and related) websites:

  1. Shannon Mustipher (@shannonmustipher on IG). At the top of the cocktails. Super smart, super knowledgeable.
  2. Black Food Folks (@black food folks on IG) to learn about whom, from whereAnd what about the people in the black food industry?
  3. Heidi not only her recipes, but also her monthly list of what she is reading, recipes that she liked, etc.
  4. Kara Rosenlund ( Australian photographer – her nature pictures are spectacular; love her blog.
  5. Hetty McKinnon (@Hettymckinnon on Instagram) – their food and food make me happy every time I see it!
  6. Bryant Terry (@Bryanterie on Instagram) – My favorite vegan; His message and activism go much deeper than food. His commitment to He is also a reliable source of information through the thorough information on the topics he discusses!
  7. Equity At The Table (EATT) database and related newsletters ( ) to which women / sex offenders work in the food sector (mainly from the POC and LGBTQ communities) and find out about job opportunities, events, etc. to share with others.
  8. Santilla Chingaipe ( ) – Award-winning journalist and filmmaker based in Australia (immigrants from Zambia to Australia), which publishes a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter covers events, exhibitions, books she has seen / read, as well as her own projects. It's smart, insightful and thought-provoking.
  9. Matt Armendariz (@mattarmendariz on IG) – IG stories for a look behind the scenes of photo shootings, to Have your questions answered on all aspects of food photography, to Learn to garden and experience fantastic hijinks and unrivaled cuts.
  10. Nicole Taylor (@nutritionists on IG) – Their stories give insight into their eating habits and their networking in New York. Pay attention to your IG food to Experience them in "3D" and check in after the new year to Thrillist and see what she's up to to,
  11. Yossy Arefi (@yossyarefi on IG) – for golden crust.
  12. Helen Goh (@helen_goh_bakes on IG), confectioner – love to look at the baking trials she's doing right now to mixed with the comfort food she eats.
  13. Sami Tamimi (@sami_tamimi on IG) – a lot of home cooking from his native Palestine.
  14. Nigel Slater (@Nigel Slater on IG) – dreamy food, dreamy journeys, dreamy garden. I do not usually dream about IG except that I own all the dogs, but Nigel Slaters is a dream shire.

Where you can find Kristina: You can find me at @kristinagillfood and I will announce my next steps there – including my newsletter, portfolio updates, etc.!

Kelli Kehler is the executive editor of Design * Sponge

Kelli's recommendations: I totally agree with what Caitlin said about getting out in your community andto-Face connections and as far as online resources are concerned, I currently enjoy following @badguild, @craftsmanship and @david_a_land on Instagram – they all campaign for the fantastic work of the color artists. See who she is consequencesand go down an IG rabbit hole to Get out of the usual circle of people who rule places like Instagram. And read! Current books! Every month (or every three months because I am a working mother with two children) I try it to Read a book written by someone who has a different perspective and background than me. The degree to what this opens my mind exponentially with every new book I finish is immeasurable and profound.

Where to find Kelli: Online you can find me at @Kellikehler hopping on Instagram and in real life in Orange County, CA. Find me LinkedInalso to work together or chat about projects.

Garrett Fleming is Design * Sponge's Head Interiors Writer

Garrett's recommendations: When we leave, Coming soon I will keep you busy to emerging designers and home furnishings. coffee swatter will satisfy your urge to Enter the heads of interesting creative people and see their spaces. Check in at This little Miggy from time to time for contents around design for handicapped people. And Vicki T. and Maegan blue will also delight with their focus on wheelchair accessible spaces.

Where to find Garrett: People can consequences me on Instagram @insta__gare

Sofia Tuovinen is Senior Writer at Design * Sponge

Sofia's recommendations:

  1. The Bleu /
    James Kicinski-McCoy is the first blogger I've ever followed. She recently introduced her latest concept, a media platform called The Bleu. The site focuses on women, young, old and everything in between – what we have in common, what we can learn from each other. From the inspiring interviews to it's definitely worth a look!
  2. @bobbyberk / https: //
    Bobby Berk off Queer eye shares some great design inspirations on his Instagram and also has some great decorating tips on his website – and who does not want that? to Take a closer look at the houses he designs for the show ?!
  3. The Maryn /
    Michelle Adams, former editor-in-chief of domino and co-founder of Lonny, created this website as a destination for timeless interiors, modern design, wonderful food and carefully selected merchandise. It's a celebration of modern creators and classic aesthetics – I always sigh a little when I click through the beautiful content!

Where you can find Sofia: You can find Sofia on Instagram @ sofia.tuovinen

Lauren Chorpening is the author of hometours at Design * Sponge

Lauren's recommendations:
Follow the people your people follow. So I came in search of new home tours. Rather than aiming aimlessly for new blogs and Instagram accounts that would lead me to unique homes and stories, I went to accounts I loved and looked at the accounts she Consequences. Finding out who inspires people who inspire me is always a great way to discover incredibly talented people who would never have appeared in a simple search. I do not think there is another site that fills the beautiful room that Grace created with Design * Sponge, but if you may reveal my secret to discover incredible artists, houses and products, you can D * S in Get your own way alive.

Persons whom I follow:

1. Freddie Harrel – she's forever my style icon. https: // / freddieharrel /

2. Sarah Gibson – her renovations blew me away.

3. Kate Arends – her podcast was so helpful to lately. https: // / podcast

4. Julia Miller – she builds the coolest house in the Midwest. /

5. Alice Gao – her photos inspire my freelance work so much.

Where to find Lauren: You will find me day shift_ / and, It's my personal blog documenting our renovations and freelance work. My husband and I will continue to work on this beautiful old house, and I am about to start with this additional time a side stress in the area of ​​DIY and design consulting.

Erin Austen Abbott is the author of hometours at Design * Sponge

Erin's recommendations: The resources I want to follow are places that work hard to create an inclusive space for all their readers. I am very proud of the work we have done at Design * Sponge to do the same. Challenge sites that you think are more inclusive and create your own space for other voices if you can not find it. Do not be afraid to work for those we do not always see. A few sockets that I think are good at sharing this space Omkari Williams. The Jungalow, and Mother Mag, Do not put the design in a box. There are so many great design blogs and accounts to follow. Find your new favorite by finding one that does not just stick to a decorating style.

Where you can follow Erin: You will find me @erinaustenabbott on Instagram and at

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