Related to people who identify with grace and truth as LGBT + Theology

There are not many problems that Christian faces
Churches in Western post-Christian cultures that are more troubling these days
and more difficult than how the church should identify with people who identify themselves as such
LGBT +. The sexual revolution has become more diverse in recent decades
has become a political force that often threatens freedom of expression
and religious freedom. In this context Christian churches and individuals
We have trouble figuring out how to deal with these people and this movement
Christ honors the ways. How he wants us to be people who are full of grace and truth.
However, we do not always agree on whether it is the right thing or the right one
amiable attitude and politics. Recently,
I've listened to a few podcasts that deal with this matter and that I share
them with you to encourage your own thinking and behavior in this regard.

Justin Brierley's latest podcast on "Incredible?"
was not in its usual debate format, but it presents highlights from the apologetics
Conference that they had organized about a month earlier in London, UK. Among the
Selected highlights were an episode in Q & A time. At 1:06:00, Brierley
opens for questions, and a Christian woman describes an experience she had
Talked to a lesbian woman on the track. It shows
very good the tension that we face immediately when we try to connect with LGB + people
with grace and truth. Two panelists answered and both were
excellent, but I especially liked how the second guy describes the approach which one
he has developed and has grown from a rather unpleasant conversation with one
Group of gays who were partying with his brother after a gay parade
California. I think you will find the questions and answers interesting and helpful. 20
Minutes of listening.

The second point is an interview with Bruce Miller in an unSeminary podcast. Recently he authored a book published by Nelson: To lead a church in a time of sexual interrogation: Graceful wisdom for daily service, I did not read the book, but it sounds very rewarding what Miller has to say about this topic in this podcast. It looks like an excellent book to encourage very productive talks among leaders in a church struggling with this extremely important topic. The podcast could whet your appetite as mine has.


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