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TD Summer Reading Club - Notebook

"Mom, I'm bored!"

How many times have I heard The In front? As much as I love to spend so much time with the family during the summer, it always surprises me how often my son complains that he has nothing to do. I try not to let it get under your skin, because boredom can really be a problem Good that helps to develop creativity and imagination. Do you know what else can contribute to building important skills in children? Read. Enough with the moaning, son. It's time to register for that TD Summer Reading Club!

TD Summer Reading Club Notebook

Despite the fact that we have a large number of books to read at home, it is not always easy to motivate my son to take one and spend some time for the pleasure of reading. I think it's because he often associates reading with the dreaded H-word – Homework. As a teacher, I fully understand that the more children read, the more successful they will be at school and in life. The more I can make my son enjoy reading, the better. This is where the TD Summer Reading Club Designed as Canada's largest bilingual summer reading program for children, it's designed to inspire kids to enjoy reading in their own way, regardless of age, interests or abilities. And the best part? It is free to join!

TD Summer Reading Club - Public Library of Toronto

We recently drove to our local Toronto Public Library and met with a wonderful librarian named Scott Robins. He gave my son a notebook for a school-age reading club, which includes:

  • A natural catcher hunt
  • Recommended STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics)
  • Space to record read or heard objects, collect stickers, record the number of minutes to read or hear, or draw pictures
  • Enjoy reading challenges
  • A program certificate
  • A board game

He invited my son to share his thoughts on a good book he had recently read, and so he decided to talk about Small Steps by Louis Sachar. Then he wrote his name and the title of this story on a small book section, which was later stapled to a bulletin board. It was impressive to see how many other book suggestions from other kids were there.

TD Summer Reading Club - Public Library of Toronto

Scott then suggested that my son read the prequel Small stepsentitled holes, and to my delight he eagerly added it to his pile of books. And since my son loves graphic novels, Scott has been able to make some great suggestions that I'm very grateful for. Although they are easy to read, he really enjoys them and that's what matters, I agree?

TD Summer Reading Club - Public Library of Toronto

of course, if I If he had suggested it, he might have just passed them by. But thanks to Scott's impressive knowledge and love of children's books, I found that my son was much more willing to try new books. For this reason, I strongly recommend that you speak with your local librarian to find books that are not only appropriate to your age, but that also take into account your child's interests. Do you find it difficult to come to the library with children in tow? Do not fret, my friends. The TD summer reading program is also available online!

TD Summer Reading Club - Website

If you register yourself in the library, you can visit Use the web access code on the inside of your child's notebook to sign in. Or just click on "No web access code?" The login page randomly generates a new code for you. From there, your child is prompted to create a nickname and can then customize an avatar, print coloring pages, read jokes written by children, complete silly stories, and more. There is also a special webcomic by Jo Rioux with audio and pictures that are also described in the audio to tell the story.

TD Summer Reading Club - Webcomic

One aspect of the TD Summer Reading Club program that I love is that it celebrates Canadian authors, illustrators, and stories. And even better, kids can access a variety of these stories in eBook format for free via the website. On our list of eBooks to read stands Countdown to Danger: Canadian Survival, an adventure of your choice where you must try to make it out of the forest alive.

TD Summer Reading Club - eBooks

Because children can attend virtually anywhere at the TD Summer Reading Club, whether in a local public library, at home, or on the Internet, this program not only helps to keep boredom in check, but can also help improve and improve their reading skills also improve their love of reading. It's also a great way to master the summer slide, as research shows that kids attending summer reading clubs return to school in the fall without learning loss and more confidence. If reading is fun for children, they are more likely to read more and make it a lifelong habit. And see what the TD Summer Reading Club participants can enjoy doing. Children can:

  • Read recommendations
  • Follow her own reading process
  • Connect and share reviews with other participants across the country
  • Read books online
  • Participate in activities
  • Collect reading incentives
  • Write jokes and stories
TD Summer Reading Club - Public Library of Toronto

As with the TD Grade One Book SweepstakesThe TD Summer Reading Club is part of the The finished commitmentTD's Corporate Citizenship Platform, with the goal of creating a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow. Another example that shows how TD believes literacy promotes education, education leads to better jobs and better jobs lead to a stronger economy.

To learn more about the TD Summer Reading Club and participating libraries across Canada, visit,

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