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In today's world of rapid urbanization, finding a home with large spaces is almost impossible. The majority of people have to adjust to smaller rooms, be it an apartment, a villa or a dorm.

One of the challenges of decorating a small room is the cramped sense of space. Once you put a king-sized bed in your bedroom or a large TV in your living room, the room seems crowded and crowded. However, there are certain ways to make a small room appear larger.

Let's look at some interesting tips:

Wall paint

Color the wall in pastel shades or white to create a spatial illusion. In addition, white ensures that the room looks light and airy and thus has a more spacious appearance. You can also color the ridges and edges of the wall to a shade that is deeper than the wall color. This creates the feeling that the walls are further away.

Farmhouse dining room
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When it comes to the ceiling, paint it in the shade higher than the wall paint. This creates an illusion of height in the room. The use of a monochrome color scheme in the interior design creates an illusion of space.

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Always go for furniture where the legs are clearly visible. Whether it is a sofa, a table or a bed, you should do without low-lying furniture. Furniture that stands on legs give the room a spacious look. Likewise, armless sofas and chairs create a spacious feel. The color of the upholstery should match the wall color. This provides a spacious view of the room. Avoid using large imprints on the upholstery, as these will create a messy look.

Farmhouse living room
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To save space and create an airy feel, you can opt for multi-purpose furniture like ottomans with storage unit. In this way you can reduce the number of required furniture. Foldable and stackable furniture is another option for a small space. These furniture can be folded or stacked and stored when not in use. Glass table tops, whether coffee table or dining table, also create a sense of space. Leave space when placing the furniture, making sure the walkway is not blocked.


When choosing curtains, choose pastel shades or white. It is best to maintain the color of the wall, as this gives a light and airy impression of the room. Similarly, instead of thick curtains, you can choose a translucent curtain that lets in more light and makes the room look big. If possible, you can also pull back the curtain.

Farmhouse curtains
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Another way to create a spacious look with curtains is to use a curtain from floor to ceiling instead of the standard height. This makes the ceiling look taller and gives the room a larger sense of space.

Wall decoration

Mirrors are the best wall decoration for small spaces. The mirror reflects to the right and creates the illusion of a large room. If possible, you can hang the mirror opposite a window. In this way, the outside light falls directly onto the mirror and is reflected throughout the room. Mirrors can also be attached to sliding doors of the wardrobe to create a spacious ambience.

Farmhouse wall mirror
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If you want to hang a piece of art or paintings, choose a single large piece instead of many smaller pieces. This provides a clear view of the room.


It is best not to use carpets in a small room as carpets make the room look crowded. But if it's unavoidable to use rugs, or if you have a dark wooden floor, then you'll resort to rugs in light tones like creamy white and beige. It is best to take carpets in a single shade or with tiny impressions. Carpets with large floral prints and geometric patterns should be avoided. Similarly, carpets in bold colors like brown and red clogged.

Country carpet in the bedroom
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Do not just use a light that is the center of the room, but a small LED light everywhere. This distributes the light evenly throughout the room and makes it look bigger.

Farmhouse lighting
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The best way to make a room appear larger is to silence it. Instead of buying many small items of decoration, you can either group them into 3-4 pieces or choose a single piece. This applies to both the wall and the table decoration. Also, remember to leave some free "breathable" space in between to make the room look bigger.

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