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In the past, spring was known as the wedding season, with many weddings in April, May and June. Some people may still think that the spring and summer months are the busiest time of year for weddings, but the data actually shows that autumn has surpassed them as the most popular wedding season with many of the most-chosen wedding dates in the past few years September and October, In this post, which discusses the benefits of an autumn wedding, we look at several reasons that might explain the popularity of fall weddings.

Beautiful surroundings

Given that wedding photos are an important part of the event, it’s understandable why so many couples choose to go to fall weddings. With rich gold, brown, red, yellow and orange tones, the autumn palette is stunning and offers a lot of flexibility in terms of decoration. The same beauty will apply to your flower selection, of which there are so many breathtaking opportunities choose and mix and match to get the look you want. You can’t lose sight of the photos taken on your magical autumn day. Weddings in the barn are also very popular this time of year.

Possibly more affordable

Although the most popular wedding dates have recently landed more and more often in autumn, many venues, providers and landlords still assume that late autumn is the beginning of the “off-season”, which means that couples often have cheaper prices during this time to tie the knot search.

Pleasant weather

Although you can feel the continued heat of summer or a lively cold in the air, autumn weather is more temperate and manageable than a scorching summer wedding or a cold and snowy winter wedding. To plan when the weather is ideal and not too cold, many couples try to shoot for late September or early October. And with all the time spent developing the perfect look, many brides know that they don’t have to deal with the makeup-ruining sweat or hair-raising moisture that can frustrate summer weddings.

Unique menu options

Since autumn is the harvest season, you have many options to put together your menu. Think of a lot of warm, tasty and tasty dishes, but nothing so hearty that your guests would rather take a nap than dance! For dessert, you can’t go wrong with seasonal favorites like pumpkin, apple pie, and donuts. Here are a few great ideas from drop food you could serve!

Good turnout

Depending on your friends and family and the wedding date you choose, you may be lucky with the guest’s turnout. You are planning a period between the summer vacation and the holiday season so that you can avoid these main sources of conflict. This offers autumn weddings the advantage that couples can often carry a high percentage of their invited guests with them to celebrate.

Disadvantages of autumn weddings

To give a more complete picture, we also wanted to discuss some of the problems that may arise with couples considering an autumn wedding. One topic we briefly discussed is that fall has become very popular for weddings. This means that your special day can be very expensive, especially if you are aiming for one of the coveted dates for late September through October. With so many other couples trying to get married during this time, your first choice for providers and venues may be booked out if you don’t plan well in advance. Another factor is that many of your guests who have attended other autumn weddings may be less excited to be there for your day. While many fall days are perfect, another potential problem is the less than ideal weather. Especially towards the end of autumn, some parts of the country can be quite cold and even snowy.

Do you agree that it’s a wonderful time to tie the knot after reading some of the benefits of an autumn wedding (and a few drawbacks)? Don’t hesitate to tell us all about your fall wedding experience in the comments. And don’t forget to buy our selection of autumn-themed wedding favors!

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