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Let us think about this important topic Hadith of the Prophet (s.a.w.s). What a great opportunity to invest in something that pays off when we leave this world. The key to achieving this is to invest in a PROCESS that brings lasting and lasting benefits. So invest in something that will continually support charity (not just once), or invest in a system or knowledge that will continue, and educate children with Taqwa in their hearts so that they remember themselves, even after you To pray you leave this world. One last point – For those of us who are too busy with life, let us pause and think about what we can do to invest in these activities. Do not let your life go by without making these investments. And for those who are bored and think that there is not much to do, there is so much that can be done here. can Allah Give us the tawfeeq to make those investments and make our job easier when we need them most.

Sadqah al-Jariyah charity

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