So you get more Facebook engagement with a task per day : MARKETING

No matter what industry your business is in, your market is the biggest
probably on Facebook. You are most likely in it much, too.

So, if you're not using the world's biggest
Social media platform for everything it's worth, there's probably a pretty good reason
for this.

If you're like most people, it's easy: there's just no
enough time a day.

4 Daily tasks that dramatically increase your company's Facebook

Facebook has become such an important platform for marketing
The full-time employment of many people is "Facebook Marketer".

That has good reasons.

As search
Lisa D. Jenkins of Engine Journal
describes it: "Never before
Companies were able to reach their customer base so easily and intimately
a level. "

Nonetheless, most of us do not have the time
Hands. We already juggle multiple priorities, which makes it easier for us
something like Facebook marketing – despite its potential – to drop through the
Way side.

Fortunately, you can achieve incredible results on this platform if you are dedicated to one task per day. Here are four examples of how our Facebook Analyzer can instantly improve your engagement without overloading your current schedule.

1. Determine the best time to post on Facebook

One of the biggest differences in publishing
Blog posts and social media post publishing are when it comes to that
latter, Time is a critical factor.

It does not matter if you publish a blog post on Sunday or Tuesday at noon
or midnight actually does not matter. It has no effect on
the ranking of the blog post or the organic traffic generated by it.

On the other hand, if you do not post at optimal times
Social media platforms like Facebook will greatly hurt your engagement.
Their market either sees them or they do not see them.

A daily task for you might be to determine the optimal time. Our own research on Facebook engagement has shown that posts are best when published on Sundays between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm EST.

It's a great start, but you could make it one too
daily task to track your posts and also try a few other times.

The best way to do this is our Facebook Analyzer
Tool to see when your competitors see the best results. Looking for theirs
Pages, and you'll see when their posts lead to a top engagement. Then experiment
Look in some cases once a day and find out what you are best for
Your followers.

After successfully using the Facebook Analyzer tool,
Determine the best time for your company's posts, and you'll be instantly excited
more engagement.

2. Keep an eye on what type of content works best

Now that you know when your market prefers to see yours
Next, Facebook posts will tell you what kind of content you like
most of them too.

Again, this is quite easy to do with our Facebook
Analyzer tool. It could easily become a daily task that requires it very little
time yet can multiply the ROI of your current strategy.

Suppose you run a graphic design agency.

You could start with the most basic keywords,
"Graphic Design":

Then click on "Analysis" and scroll down to see how
perform different types of content:

As you can see, the big winners are infographics and lists.
In addition, the video on your computer may not be popular
There are fans on Facebook platforms.

3. Schedule your Facebook posts for the week

You should not have a problem with the Facebook Analyzer Tool
Create a calendar for your social media posts. You will know what kind of
Post content and – just as important – when you should post it.

Still, after using the tool to look into yours
You may have found that competitors' practices are quite ambitious
Time schedule. Maybe they post several times a day and several days a week.

Do you have this time in your schedule?

If not, you should use a tool like this Buffer, buffer, damper, With this easy-to-use platform, you can plan all of your Facebook posts in advance so that they are published automatically and without any action from you.

For example, before you leave the office on Friday, you
could schedule every post by day and time for the following week.
This is a simple task that does not last long, no matter how many posts you have
decide is right

While you continue to use the Facebook Analyzer for monitoring
In the best times for the post, you may discover a new opportunity. Maybe a time
that your competitors have chosen is actually a dumbass.

In any case, you can just jump into Buffer and quickly set a new appointment
Posts and have them all change well in advance. It is better to remember one
New schedule for manual booking.

4. Check your company's Facebook strategy

After all, nothing will improve your online marketing efforts, such as a good content review. This also applies to your Facebook posts.

Because of this, another simple task can be to get yours
last week or month of Facebook posts. Which ones deserve the most commitment?
Which ones fell flat?

Checking these posts gives you even better insights
in what kind of content should be posted and when they relate Your unique

Again, our Facebook Analyzer makes this extremely easy
do. Platforms like buffers also give you an overview of the analysis.

Do the following to give your exam a usable frame of reference
Your main competitors through our tool. For example, if we were competing against
Buffer, we quickly figured out what kind of numbers they had seen over time
last month from Facebook posts.

Her Facebook posts averaged 21 engagements:

Most happened on Monday:

These would be good yardsticks for judging our own success
and to show where we can improve.

Get involved – but not To Busy – with our Facebook Analyzer tool

Make Facebook one of the best lead generation companies in your business
Tools do not require late working hours.

As you have just seen, all you need is our Facebook Analyzer Tool. Sign up for BuzzSumo today and receive a free week to convince yourself.

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