Find the north star Dubai

Learn more about constellations

Astronomers currently detect 88 constellations in the skyincluding the 12 constellations associated with the zodiac. These 12 constellations mark the annual path of the sun (or the ecliptic).

Stars seem to be fixed, but they are not. They move in their own orbits. Therefore, Constellations change slowly.

By the time these stars move, the constellations in our night sky will continue to change. Considering how far away this is, it will be a long time before constellation changes become visible in Dubai.

Although these changes take place constantly, it takes so long for the light of a star to reach the earth, for differences to become visible only after thousands of years. This happens over many, many lifetimes and is not recognizable to people in the short term.

As long as you come to Dubai in the next 50,000 years, you should only familiarize yourself with the current constellations. Most of them can be discovered here during a desert adventure.

If you want to learn how to navigate with stars, just learn how to find the North Star. It will never abandon you while you are in the Northern Hemisphere (it is not visible in the Southern Hemisphere).

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